10-22-19 Tuesday

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Beauregard hanging out in the perfectly Beauregard-sized condo next to Fred’s desk.

I love the way this picture shows off the difference in the eye colors. From top: Gabrielle, Beauregard and Luc.

Beauregard, amused. Doesn’t he have a delightful belly?

Smilin’ Henri.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Fleur, Josephine, Gabrielle, Beauregard, Luc and Henri.

So to get a picture like that, as you may recall, what I have to do is WHIP the feather teaser back and forth as hard as I can so that I’ve got their attention. I was doing that when I got the picture above.

And then the feather teaser broke in half and the top went sailing across the room…

This picture cracks me UP.

I got them back, but they were pretty over me by this point.


Say hello to Onyx.

She’s not a foster – she belongs to Fred’s sister and her husband. They’re in France for a month (he’s French and had to go over there for work; she decided to join him) and we’re cat sitting.

Long time readers might recall their other cat, Kintaro, who we hosted for 3 weeks back in 2013. Someone else is cat sitting him since our experience with him wasn’t great (he literally scared the poop out of Jake. Poor Jake!)

Onyx has been with us for… about three weeks, I guess? She’s a scaredy cat and so she stayed shut in the guest bedroom for the first couple of weeks. We started letting her slowly come out of her room, and now we’re at the point where she’s got the run of the house during the day and goes into the guest bedroom at night. She’s a scaredy cat, as mentioned, so I’ve only been able to pet her a few times, when she’s in her safe space (on the bed in the guest bedroom).

It would be lovely if she loved other cats as much as we were told, but she’s a little cowed by the sheer number of VERY interested kittens, so she tends to avoid them.

She very very occasionally comes downstairs, but spends most of her time upstairs sleeping in Fred’s office or in the guest bedroom. She’s a tiny thing – I would guess maybe 6 pounds – and so not much bigger than the kittens.

Sometimes she’ll approach a kitten and they’ll sniff noses, and then she hisses and smacks them and stomps away. Poor kittens – they’re always suckered in by her willingness to sniff noses and clearly think “Hey, maybe we’ll be friends!” but alas. She wants none of their nonsense.

Onyx will be with us for another week and a half or so before she goes back home.


Kara thinks of ALLLLLL the tickets she’s going to write for the number of kittens and strange cats running around the house right now.

(PS: It’s been 11 years since we announced we were keeping Kara!)


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