10-22-18 Monday

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Just a reminder – Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is having an online auction in November (beginning November 10th at 9 am and lasting for one week. I’ve seen some of the really cool things that will be up for auction, so get on over and “like” the Facebook page so you don’t miss out!


I am back from Myrtle Beach! Okay, I actually got back Wednesday afternoon, but I’ve learned that it always takes me a couple of days to get back into the swing of things, so I’d written and pre-scheduled posts for Thursday and Friday.

I had a very relaxing time in Myrtle Beach and unlike previous years, I slept in every day and didn’t get up to watch the sunrise even once. This is the closest I came to seeing a sunrise, as we were leaving for the airport Wednesday morning.

I only took a handful of pictures this time around, and here are the best of them.

There’s always gotta be dessert!

And of course a video.

YouTube link


The kittens were actually a little floofy toward me when I walked in after an entire FOUR DAYS AWAY (that IS nearly 5% of their lives after all), but got over it quickly.

I’ve been trying to get a picture of all three orange boys side by side and finally did it. That’s Axle on the left leaning on Clutch, Gauge to the right, and Cruise in the back.

I love how yawning gives kittens the Crazy Eyes.

Clutch, Dynamo and Cam giving me the Attitude.

Dynamo gives me the Skeptical Eyes.

And the aforementioned Crazy Eyes.

Axle checking out the cutie in the mirror.

If you saw the video of Gauge realizing he was looking at a strange (to him) kitten in the mirror, this was the instant before that happened.

The Floofening.

Fender glancing in the mirror as he walks by.


Video! If nothing else, you’ve gotta check out the first section of this video, with Cam on the bed (oh yeah – we’ve started letting them have the run of the upstairs during the day). She catches sight of a part of a design on the bed, it startles her, and she lifts straight up into the air… then she looks at the bed and pats the part of the design that startled her. It cracks me UP.

YouTube link


Khal, showing off his floof.


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