1-27-20 Monday

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Walter needs a home! (Cincinnati area, but will travel for a good home!)

Courtesy post: Walter needs a home! Please share. Currently in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, but Whitney is willing to drive 200 miles to get him into a good home. Contact Whitney at w.a.warrick (at) gmail.com for more information.

From Whitney: I have this beautiful grey-and-white tuxedo cat in dire need of a good home. Walter was dumped in the woods near my parents’ house a few months back, and we brought him home Christmas Day to check him out, get him cleaned up and find him a home. His tests all came back clear, he’s neutered, no chip, and he now has his shots.

Normally by this point he would have graduated from the foster room to the run of the house. The problem is that my oldest cat not only doesn’t like him, she’s actively trying to kill him to the point of breaking into the foster room whenever she can pull it off

It is not fair to Walter to stay cooped up in a bedroom all the time (at this point he will not leave the room, even when we have her locked up). I’m reasonably concerned that if he goes to the shelter he would not do well. He cannot be with small children, because when he is done with attention, he is *done* and anyone slow to learn his signals will get clawed (though he’s getting a little better). The flip side of that is that the longer we’ve had him the more affectionate and snuggly he’s become

So he’s a gorgeous (black toe beans on white paws!!) very young neutered male who desperately needs to be in a forever home: no children and probably no other cats. He will take some time to warm up and relax but he is *so* worth it. If you could help me find someone who might be interested in this baby, let me know. I’d be willing to drive him 200 miles (from Cincinnati) for a home.

Contact Whitney at w.a.warrick (at) gmail.com for more information!


13 years after I saw the post on Not Martha about how to make marble magnets, I made a marble magnet!

Not bad for my first one, I suppose – though I need clearer marbles, and I also need to get better about spreading the glue (or using more, since it didn’t spread all the way to the edge.)

Maybe in another 13 years I’ll try again.


Random back yard pictures from back when it was sunny and warm and not cold and dreary. WOE.

Frankie and Khal, studiously not looking at me.

Archie looks like he’s ready to start something.

Frankie, Jake and Khal.

Jake is loonified, Newt is waiting for him to move, and Khal is just keeping an eye on things.

I think I’m ready for spring.


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