1-8-18 Monday

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Look who it is!

Brotherly love does not always involve chomping.

You’re gazing upon the faces of Periwinkle (left) and Patches, formerly known as Art Vandelay (left) and Bert Macklin, two of the Fakers litter, sons to Regina Phalange. They weren’t actually born at Crooked Acres, but Regina and her litter came to us when the kittens were three days old.

They were adopted together – obviously – and went home straight from Crooked Acres. They’ll be two years old on March 1st!

Shameless hussy.

Far more dainty than his brother.

Patches has decided that he needs the small child’s stuffy.

Periwinkle, lookin’ fancy.

Don’t you guys wish those poor cats could figure out a way to relax? SO. MUCH. STRESS!

(Thanks for the pictures, Kristin!)


The big news around here is that we’ve had guys here working outside for the past week and a half, putting in a screened porch. They started the day after Christmas, and are now mostly finished. (There’s a little outside painting that they’ll finish up later this week.)

(That first picture was taken Saturday afternoon; the second was taken yesterday morning. I’ll get more/better pictures on a warm, sunny day later this week. Assuming there is one.)

There’s now a cat door in one of the side windows on the bay. Eventually there’ll be one on the other side, too. The first cat who went through the cat door on her own? You can see her up there walking toward me: Sheriff Mama (Kara), of course. Maxi went through a few hours later. As of right now, all of them have been through the cat door and checked out the porch, but only Maxi and Kara went through of their own volition. I’m sure it’ll take a few days before they get the hang of it.

Fred mentioned the idea of putting shelves up across the back of the porch, but I suspect it’ll be a little while before that happens. His next big job is to get the cat fence around the back yard finished – he hasn’t gotten much of it done due to the cold weather. It’s supposed to warm up later this week, so maybe he’ll be able to work on it some more. Hopefully the screened porch will keep them happy for now.

(There are cats doors in both of the screen doors from the porch to the outside, but they’re closed so the cats can’t go through them yet.)

Archie, watching the men at work.

Despite the fact that Archie’s been dying to go outside, he’s not sure what he thinks of the finished porch just yet.


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