1-9-17 Monday

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Just to let y’all know, we won’t be having kittens for a little while – until at least the end of January. Fred has requested a little break from fostering to let Dewey acclimate, and I’m going to take advantage of the time to get the foster room repainted and rearranged. That room hasn’t been painted since we bought this house 10 years ago (though I did repaint the trim about 4 years ago) and it desperately needs it.

In the meantime, I’ll post about the permanent residents (probably you’ll see a lot of Dewey and his beloved Stefan), maybe get a Crooked Acres post done, and perhaps even get some pictures of my trip from Myrtle Beach posted. The time will fly by!


You remember, I am sure, the kittens formerly known as Art Vandelay and Bert Macklin? Here are a few random pictures to remind you of how they looked back in March.



Bert and Art.

Art and Bert.

Well, they were adopted together, Art is now Patches and Bert is now Periwinkle, and this is what they look like today!

Brudderly love.

Patches and his girl. Look at that little blissful face!

Smug face, ears of annoyance.

Listen, SOMEONE has to make sure the trains run on time!

A budding Bond villain and her cat. (Kristin’s caption cracked me UP!)

Bond villain with another minion.

Thanks for letting me share, Kristin – and give those boys kisses from all of us!


The three amigos.

I hope that when I walk into the room and find that Dewey has finally gathered up the nerve to flop across Stefan, I have a camera nearby.

Oh, just lay your head down, little Dewbs. Stefan won’t mind!

I feel like I’ve interrupted something.


Smilin’ Loony Jake.


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