2-5-18 Monday

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Here’s a familiar face to kick off your week!

It’s da Norbs, the little orphan who was adopted by Khaleesi and raised as her own. He ended up in Chicago, as you might recall.

Kirsten says: he really likes to “help” me do yoga

look at his pretty green eyes and licorice jelly bean toes!

And bonus pic of the Sheriff in my town.

(Thanks, Kirsten!)


And here’s some good news to make your Monday even happier. Paul Simon, our foster from early 2015, who was returned last June? He’s adoption pending!

Hurray hurray! He’s back at the shelter (he was at Petsmart briefly) until he can go home later this month. Hasn’t he grown up to be THE most beautiful boy?


Archie loves this Archie-sized sink.

Pretty Maxi, lookin’ even prettier in that pink bed.

Archie again, this time in the bathroom. There used to be a towel there, but someone barfed on it (NATURALLY), so I put a cat bed there, and now that spot is even more popular than it was.

Khal suddenly noticed that there’s a bit of a ledge up there, and sat there thinking about it for the longest time. I was ready to take a picture if he actually jumped up there (which is what I expected him to do), but he thought better of it.

And went off to kick the catnip kicker with his big ol’ bunny feet.


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