1-18-17 Myrtle Beach Wednesday

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Three months after I was in Myrtle Beach (my parents have a time share there, and I usually join them for a few days each October), I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures I took while I was there. If you’re just here for the cat pics, there’s one way down at the bottom – but since it’s so cold in so much of the country (I won’t brag about the fact that it’s been in the 60s here for the past week or so), sit back and enjoy some sunrise and other random pictures, won’t you?

Waiting for the sun to come up.

Wait for it…

Tiny little peek…

A little more…

Here we go.

Hello, beautiful.

Waiting again (different day). The water’s a little more wild, just like I like it.

Same sun, different day.

I never get tired of watching the sun rise.

I took 100+ pictures of the sunrises and managed to cull them down to my favorite 12. You’re welcome!

We drove down to Charleston (through Charleston) to visit Kiawah Island. I love this boardwalk.

And this beach.

The hard-packed sand makes walking on this beach super easy.

We walked longer than we meant to.

On the way back, we stopped for lunch at Tomato Shed Cafe, and I admired the use of a basket for a lampshade.

Big ol’ scary fish in the lake at Barefoot Landing.

I don’t care if pigeons are nuisance scavengers, they still need to eat (and this one was pretty).

I looked over and pointed to this alligator and said to my mother “Is that real?” “Yes,” she said. She’s seen alligators before in her life; I have not.

“Are you sure?” I said doubtfully. “It doesn’t look real.”

Then it turned its head and looked at me. Yep. It was real! (We were on the boardwalk, and the alligator couldn’t get to us.)

Then another one came stomping out from under the boardwalk.

It didn’t look too impressed by us.

A shot from the plane.

And another (I love fluffy clouds).


Videos! One time-lapse sunrise, one slower sunrise complete with the sound of the ocean.


YouTube link

Video with sound:

YouTube link


Maxi seems pleased to have company, doesn’t she?


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