5-20-16 Friday

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Someone dropped off two kittens (Jake, Elwood) and a bin of chow? Were you expecting that?

Not at ALL! You can read the post about the day they showed up here.


The header that came up for me today is Mia and her kittens, and that little one covering her mouth as she laughs looks like she (or he, shoot, I don’t know!) was mislabeled and belongs in this group! Who is that little Faker wannabe?

That’s Flossie! I sure do love that picture so very much. I had no idea, when I took that picture, how many yawning-kitten pictures were in my future. And I agree, she totally looks like she could be a Faker.


LOL, Stefan has no idea he’s not a kitten himself or how big he is so he just doesn’t get what the problem is. I love that boy! Can no one handle The Stefan? Poor guy will never have friends!

You know, if he didn’t insist on LEAPING at them and trying to pin them down and bite their necks, he might have more luck! They’re coming around, though, very slowly. Bert Macklin played slappy paws with him for a while yesterday (until Stefan pinned him down, whereupon there was a lot of complaining.)


Have the kittens seen Joe Bob? Did they run up to him with a “Momma?” or “Are you my daddy?”

The kittens have not seen Joe Bob – considering how much he avoids kittens, you’d think he must have birthed and raised a litter of his own. ZERO interest in kittens from that boy – he disappears into another dimension when they’re out during the day, then lolls around all over the place when they’re locked up at night.


Why is there a brick in the room?

There are actually two bricks in the room – they hold the door open so that the kittens don’t knock it closed and lock themselves in or out. I tried a doorstop at some point in the past, but the space under the door in this crooked house is too high when the door is open. The bricks work pretty well.


Will Ken and Chanandler go to Petsmart on the 28th?

That’s the plan – though of course I’m hoping someone falls in love with their faces and wants to adopt them so they don’t actually have to go into the cages!


Do you ever feel just a tiny, itty bit guilty when you separate mom and babies for the last time?

No, I feel HORRIBLY guilty! I feel guilty when I separate them and always feel super guilty when I take fosters to Petsmart – they think they’re already IN their forever homes, and don’t understand that it’s just a short stop on their journey to their forever home.


What do you do to clean a room and get it ready for fosters? I am getting ready to foster some 4-5 week old kittens, and want to make the room clean, but also safe for the babies. What products (or home remedies, etc.) do you use?

I wash anything that can go in the washer – beds, the quilt I use as a “rug” – in hot water, with bleach and a vinegar rinse. I vacuum the floors and shelves/wall cat tree, and then wipe everything down with a diluted bleach mixture, let it dry, and wipe it down again with a vinegar and water mixture. I mop the floors with diluted bleach, let it dry, mop again with diluted vinegar, and once it’s dry again, I use a steam mop – I have this one – on the floor. All the litter boxes are washed with diluted bleach, then diluted vinegar, and then I run the steam mop over them. I check over the toys in the room and toss anything that’s frayed or starting to come apart, and wash any toys that need it (and that can be washed). I wash the windows, wipe down all the surfaces that gather dust, and will usually double-check my supplies to see if there’s anything I have and don’t need, or need and don’t have. Then I set everything up in preparation for the next litter – beds, the quilt “rug”, litter boxes, etc.

It might be overkill, but more often than not, my fosters have Giardia or Coccidia (or, very often, BOTH), and I’d rather do everything I can from it spreading to the next litter on the rare chance that they don’t already have one or the other (OR BOTH).


Bright-eyed Chanandler Bong, on the cat tree in my room.

Smilin’ Ken Adams.

Bert Macklin, climbin’ that cat tree like it ain’t no thang.

I’m pretty sure Bert had just gotten the ol’ whapperoo from Chanandler.

I love Chanandler and Art looking at the camera, but I LOVE Bert Macklin, lurking down there.

Yep, Bert made it to the top. Did you doubt he would?

Susie’s all “What?”

Art does enjoy a belly rub.

Bert (left), Princess Consuela, and Patron Saint of Kitten Monkeys Miz Poo.


If I were in charge of naming fingernail polish colors, I would ask them to create a polish the color of Chanandler’s nose, and I would call it Purrfectly Pink.

Would you care for some Susie pie?


“What? Just hanging out by the box of toys. NOT hoping that kittens will show up and entertain me, I’m really not!”

(Yes he is.)


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