1-28-17 Looking for a home: Frankie

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I know, I know. You guys must have whiplash from the “He needs a home!” – “We’re keeping him!” – and now “He needs a home!” roller coaster. We had a serious discussion yesterday and realized that we really jumped the gun on deciding to keep him. There are just too many cats with too many personalities in this house, and he needs to find a home where he isn’t lost in the crowd – we think he’d do better as one of two or three or four rather than one of eleven.

(It’s okay if you don’t agree with us on this, but it’s what we’ve decided.)

So here we are: this sweet boy needs a home! If you would please share this post and spread the word, I would very much appreciate it! (Yes, these pictures look familiar – I’ll take more today or tomorrow and add them.)


Frankie showed up as a stray one night a couple of weeks ago, meowing so loudly on the front porch that I went out to see what was going on. He ran off when I spoke to him, then showed up again last weekend. We were able to pet him and pick him up and snuggle him, but when we weren’t paying attention he ran off. He showed up again earlier this week, and we whisked him off to the vet to be neutered and vetted. A combo test showed us that he is FIV positive. Please read more about FIV here: FIV is not a death sentence and positive cats can live perfectly well with other cats!

Frankie is a classic orange tabby with gorgeous swirly markings and silky soft fur. He is estimated to be 7 – 9 years old. He’s a very sweet boy – he loves people and being held. When you pick him up, he turns into you and pushes his head under your chin, presenting it for kissing. He’s happy to lay in your lap and be petted, or beside you to keep you company. He likes to talk to you and can hold up his side of the conversation quite nicely. He doesn’t howl if you aren’t around, though he might occasionally call out if he isn’t sure where you are. He’s got a very loud purr that he turns on at the drop of a hat. He will present his belly for rubbing – it’s not a trap! he really likes belly rubs! – and when he decides that the belly-rubbing is done, he’ll bunny kick your hand. But he’s very gentle and has never used his claws on the humans, which we think is very kind of him.

If introduced very slowly, he should be okay with other cats.

He comes complete with his favorite pink bed, and a huge bag of toys.

He is neutered and has been fully vetted. Please email info@ffhsv.org if interested in adopting Frankie!

He is currently located in North Alabama, near Huntsville.

(If you have any questions about him, feel free to ask!)

Please email info@ffhsv.org if interested in adopting Frankie!

Please share – thank you!


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