6-30-21 Wednesday

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Back in 2010, we fostered a litter of kittens named after characters from Steel Magnolias. They were adopted out, and then almost exactly a year after he’d been adopted (so, in 2011), this sweet boy was returned.


After his return he was only with us for a couple of days, since there was room at Petsmart.

Then in 2016, we fostered a litter of kittens named after evergreens, including this gorgeous girl…


As you have possibly guessed, they were both adopted into the same home! Drum is still Drum, and Juniper is Branwen. And here they are today!

Wherein 2 baskets are better than 1!! We adopted Drum on 02/11/2011 and we have acted as his domestic servants for 10 years now! And we are happy to be servants to this adorably sweet character.

Branwen had her birthday on 04/30/2021, making her 5! She is always on the move. Got a pic of her in a rare moment…

Bunk beds…

I just love getting to see those sweet faces – thank you so much, Tamra!


Sights from around Shady Cove: the birds.

Bluebird! (I love Bluebirds.)

Cardinal (ditto.)

Finches. (I cannot recommend this bird feeder enough, it is endlessly fascinating to me.)

There are 4 Cardinals (edited: make that 5!), 1 Bluejay and 1 Bluebird in this picture.

Chickadee (yes, that is a cat-shaped bird feeder.)



Female Cardinal (I think they’re SO pretty.)

Bluebird again (I took most of these pictures in the winter and early spring, by the way.)

Yep, Bluebird again. (Gonna miss the Bluebirds.)

We get a Robin nesting in the Crape Myrtle in the front of the house every year. This is the first time I’ve gotten a decent picture of her babies.

This Nuthatch let me get surprisingly close. I started to worry there might be something wrong with it, and then it flew away.

I believe (but am not 100% positive) that this is a Yellow-Breasted Chat, which I had never seen before (and haven’t seen since.)


Charlie rolling around in the sun while Jake looks on from his favorite pile o’ leaves.


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