2-8-23 Wednesday

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Cinnaspin, lookin’ pouty.

Linzer’s all “What? Tryin’ to take a nap here, lady!”

One moment: looking oh-so-innocent.

And the next moment: a fight to the death!


It’s a Nacho pie!

Oh, that Frannie. Doesn’t she need a kiss?

A lap full o’ Nacho and Frannie.

I think a few people have noticed that the fur on Nacho’s head looks kind of brown-ish in pictures. In person, when you get up close, you can see that the fur on her face is black with white fur sprinkled in, making it look “frosted”. The fur on her head has always been lighter than the fur on Francesca’s head. If you look at her in the right light, it kind of looks like Nacho has the Siamese “mask” going on – her nose is darker than the rest of her face. It makes me wonder if her Siamese genes are starting to show through – she’s certainly got that long, slinky, skinny Siamese body type (Francesca is long and lanky too, but has a heavier frame and also her tail is about twice as thick as Nacho’s.) The differences between the two sisters is really very neat to see.

Introducing Nacho and Francesca to Linzer and Cinnaspin is going pretty well. We’re, what, two days in now? There’s still growling and hissing, but a lot less of it. Nacho and Francesca CLEARLY remember my bedroom and office, which is where they want to be. Cinnaspin and Linzer are SUPER interested in checking out the foster room, but also pretty intent on making sure the strangers aren’t playing with their stuff unsupervised. They all desperately want to play with each other, you can tell, but need to get more comfortable. It’s okay – we’ve got time! I caught Cinnaspin making the slow-blinkety Eyes of Lurve at Nacho yesterday, but she vehemently denied it and told me I was just making things up before stomping away to pout.


Lincoln gets some lap time, and he’s not sure how he feels about it.

Lilly’s all “I’ve had all the lap time I want, lady, thanks.”

Attitude to spare, those two.


Newt’s all “Holy cow, that’s a big foot. Am I supposed to clean the entire thing myself? Someone help an old man out!”


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This picture – from before Brioche went to Petsmart, obviously – makes me laugh. Those ears indicate that she’s perfectly aware that Cinnaspin is peeking out from the closet!

Nacho was “fighting” with that basket, and Francesca was keeping watch to see if she needed to help her sister!

YouTube link
I guess I should know better than to leave a feather teaser in a place where Cinnaspin can (and does) jump to.

Lincoln (front) and Lilly have had just about enough of my shenanigans, thank you very much.

YouTube link
Nacho and Francesca (but mostly Nacho) in slow motion. You missed these, right? Right? 🙂

Francesca (left) and Nacho are never very far apart. Talk about a bonded pair!

Good night innernets! (Linzer)


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