8-8-19 Thursday

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One year ago, although we didn’t know it – and wouldn’t meet them for a few weeks still – Ryder gave birth to a passel of kittens. She was lucky enough to be spotted by fellow Forgotten Felines volunteer Steve, and so she and her kittens were trapped and went to stay with Steve and his wife for a few weeks until I had the space for them.

Among the kittens were these two…

That was orange boy Axle and his sister Dynamo. They weren’t adopted together – it just now occurs to me after I hunted down those pictures of the two of them together that it kind of sounds like they were. They weren’t, they went to separate, wonderful homes.

This is what they look like now! First up is Dynamo, who is now Piper.

Though I’ve been terribly lax in sharing pictures of her, I can tell you that I get pictures of Piper regularly, and that girl is just SO happy and SO spoiled. And her tail – already amazing when she was with us – has gotten even more amazing. She gets along so well with her siblings, and I don’t think there’s any way she could be happier. (And also, ironically, although it took a LOT of convincing to get her Dad to agree to adopt her, she has turned out to be a total Daddy’s girl. Figures, doesn’t it?) Katelyn describes Piper as confident, chatty, friendly, brave, very very sweet, and a big time purr-er.

And here’s Axle (now Axel).

Axel was actually adopted at the adoption event I took the kittens to at Petsmart a few days before Christmas. He was returned a few weeks later, and was at Petsmart for a little while before Lisa adopted him. He continues to be Da BAYbee, and is also so happy and so loved. I see him on Facebook from time to time, and I can report that he is still a talker (he likes to talk to the birds outside his window) and he’s an excellent laundry supervisor. I mean, you start ’em young, they hang on to those skills all their life, am I right? Also, he’s a solid 13 pounds, and still growing! (Ryder was a very large-framed cat, so clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) He’s also a big believer in sharing… especially when it’s Lisa’s dinner that he believes she should be sharing with him.

So HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, PIPER AND AXEL! (Thank you to Katelyn and Lisa for letting me share your pics!)

(If you adopted any of Ryder’s kittens – or ANY of our fosters at all, for that matter – we’d love an update!)


Margeaux’s kittens are 4 weeks old (as of yesterday), and here they are in comparison to the day they were born!







Bellied up to the milk bar. Oh wait, that’s only 5 kittens. Where’s Luc…?

“HERE I AM, LADY! In your lap, trying to shade my eyes from the glow coming off the whitest legs on the planet!”

Same milk bar, different location.

So much concentration.

“Watching you, lady.”


Alice Mo the calico sure does love that doll bed, yo.

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