9-17-20 Thursday

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Aramis loves to watch those birds.

Rochefort with attitude.

Rochefort’s all “Where ya goin’, Uncle Archie?”

The kittens are keeping their distance but OH how they want to be friends with Uncle Archie.

Aramis and Rochefort strike a pose.

Porthos the cutie.

D’Artagnan and the Precious Moments eyes.

The SMILE on Athos’s face (and d’Artagnan’s partially open mouth. AS USUAL.)

That bed is stuffed full of CUTE.

D’Artagnan discovered the bathroom sink.

Looks like it’s nap time.


Jake nuzzles his loony little face in Khal’s belly fur, while Archie looks on in disgust.


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9-17-20 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. “Jake nuzzles his loony little face in Khal’s belly fur, while Archie looks on in disgust.”

    Oh, that made me laugh!!! That picture perfectly sums up Jake’s derpy loons,
    Khal’s “I am the great Khal, honour me” attitude, and Archie’s “you guys are effing delusional” demeanour. Those 3 form the perfect premise for a sitcom.

  2. Awww, Jakey is so cute. I bet Archie is jealous! I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE want to snuggle into Khal’s belly furs? 😀

  3. Hi Robyn. Thanks for all the great kitty pics. You’re one of my favorite parts of the internet. Question, do you have a favorite scale? I need to start weighing my old lady kitty to make sure she’s doing ok.