7-28-21 Wednesday

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Alfie Alfredo’s keeping an eye on me.

Molly Marinara: SO PURTY.

Alfie’s all “Excuse you, we is sleepin’ here” and Theo Pesto is all “Yeah!”

If you think I didn’t pick up Sofia Soy Sauce and squoosh her, you know nothin’.

These kittens certainly do love that morning sunshine (so do I!)

Tia Teriyaki’s keepin’ those beans clean.

“You talkin’ to me? You come down here and let me show you what’s what!” says Sofia Soy Sauce to Alfie Alfredo.

There was tussling.

“Don’t look at me,” says Franco Fondue. “I’m not getting involved!”

“Me either!” says Theo Pesto.

Molly saw the kittens hanging out on (and under) the ham-mick and decided to join ’em.

And then there was more tussling.

Molly and the kittens are doing great. Sofia Soy Sauce is poised to cross the 1-pound mark in the next day or so (she weighed 10 ounces when I got them last week.) What can I say? The girl likes her food!

With the kittens eating so well on their own and a convenient spay/neuter day coming up, Molly will be spayed next week (she will continue to produce milk as long as she lets the kittens nurse.)


The view from my bedroom window yesterday morning: the table on the patio with an Archie atop it.


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7-28-21 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. I love that you use their full names; please never stop doing that. It makes me smile every time!

  2. Does Theo have a little Stompitude in him? Every time I see a little orange kitten I can’t help but think of our friend the one and only Stompers!

  3. Glad you are in place and have kittens! BTW we have a kitten born April 12 and I am so curious about what his eye color will be. Don’t know about his parents; at the moment his eyes are IDK a moss brown. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Eyes usually start to change around 6 weeks so you are probably seeing his permanent eye color now. Mossy brown is very unusual in a cat!

      • Thanks for the information. Maybe a better description would be as though they were going to change from green to darker gold, then got stuck :). He’s a ticked tabby, so they match his grey coat.

  4. I just read the 2017 post where Belle is giving the the Ultimate Stinkeye. What an awesome cat.

  5. I just LOVE reading all about Molly and her kittens. I get attacks of cuteness overload each time I read about their latest adventures.