7-28-17 Friday

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The question remains though, did you RE-wash the laundry after or just put it away at some point?

Oh, there’s no question – I’d never rewash a load of laundry just ’cause kittens were climbing around in it and fighting with it. I mean, if I left it on the bed for days and they took naps in it and dragged litter onto it, then I would. But it was only on the bed for a little while, while I was folding it and putting it away, so I consider it perfectly clean.


Stefan looks like a seal pup basking in the sun!


Does anyone else think Stefan looks like a horizontal version of the “cha cha real smooth” cat?


Does Stefan go for the kissin’? Because he certainly looks ripe for a few ambush blitz kisses in that picture.

I can totally see the resemblance to a seal pup AND to the cha cha real smooth cat. That boy cracks me UP.

Stefan will absolutely go for the kissin’ – in fact, you could do just about anything to him, and he’d just put up with it, purring the entire time.


You normally allow the kitties to roam free when a new batch is coming. Is that family of new borns coming to your house?

I wish they were! I actually usually allow the kitties to roam free in the upstairs once they’re been spayed and neutered and up to date on vaccinations, and usually it’s in the week or two before they go to Petsmart. If there weren’t so MANY of these guys, I’d let them free in the house, but with five kittens and Belle I can’t do that. So basically, we can’t bring more in until the ones we have are adopted (or most of them, at least.)


Am I sensing a detente between Archie and Stefan? Or just a stalemate?

It’s hard to tell. It seems there have been fewer dust ups between them lately. Maybe because Frankie comes running at the first sign of a fight and kicks everyone’s butt!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Frankie and his spirit, but I’m imagining him gumming on Stefan and Archie’s legs. Not a huge deterrent.

You would be very surprised at how well a perfectly placed WHAP! will work!


Camera straps are now and always will be (I suspect) the best toy ever.

Walkin’ and a-talkin’, that’s our Gaston. He’s not as big a talker as Chip, but he’s definitely in second place!

Don’t look at this picture and be all “Awww, Chip is hugging Agnes!” He’s putting the ol’ chomperoo on her and she’s all “Halp?”

Ressler has a think.

Mrs. Potts melting in the sun.

I wish I’d gotten a better picture of this – Mrs. Potts is on the floor grabbing at Agnes’s feet, which are about six inches off the floor as Agnes jumped up after a feather teaser.

“GIMME that feather teaser, lady!”

That FACE.

Okay, so, it was nap time. I was on my side reading, nap blanket in place, when Belle came up to settle down behind my knees. Then the kittens realized she was there and I turned to look and see what was happening, and she gave me THIS look. Like it was all MY fault!

Then she shook ’em off, and stared at me ’til I rolled onto my back and she climbed onto me, and all was good.

I think Gaston fell asleep in the middle of cleaning his ears. He was out cold!

Agnes, purring and purring and purring.

Apparently seeing Unca Stefan through the screen door and seeing Unca Stefan bellied up to your food bowl are two completely different things, and Mrs. Potts did NOT appreciate the latter!


Video! Belle giving Gaston and then Ressler baths. I guess you’re never too old for a spit-shine from Mama.

YouTube link


Dewey in the sun, worried that I’m about to try to kiss him. (Of course I did!)


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7-28-17 Friday — 11 Comments

  1. I let my kitties play in my clean laundry too. I usually put up everything but my socks and underwear and let them play in those to their heart’s content. I always think they have more fun in my underwear than I do.

  2. Looking at the kittens (and Belle) napping with you and all over you made me think of something. If you wake up from your afternoon snooze, and whichever kitten on you is still dozing, do you wait for them to wake, or do you just get up, waking them in the process?

    • It depends on what I need to get done. If I have nothing pressing to get done, I’ll just hang out until they wake on their own. If I need to get up, I just sliiide slowly out from under them and try not to wake them up.

  3. I imagine you have kitty hair all over….a few moments rolling in warm laundry won’t change anything.

  4. Belle’s face in the picture where the kittens discovered her on your bed is cracking me up! So unimpressed.

  5. The babies are so beautiful and I hope they all find their forever homes !! Are they on the waiting list to head to Petsmart?

  6. *sigh* Ollie used to put an end to fights too. Originally he wapped, later he just needed to show up and the fight would end. I really miss that.