6-23-22 Thursday

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Jenny in motion one way (while Angus eyeballs a toy)…

And Jenny in motion the other way, while Fergus grabs for her and Jocasta gives me a “these kittens are wild. Do something about them” look.

Lord John Grey (and Jenny) in the sun.

Fergus and Lord John Grey in the evening sun. (I really wish there was more natural light in the foster room. It tends to be pretty dark. I’m gonna put a skylight on my “maybe some day” list.)

Jamie and Marsali playing a rousing game of “I bite you, you bite me” while Angus and Fergus do their own thing in the background.

I would say that Roger is very nearly obsessed with Jocasta’s tail. He thinks it’s the best toy EVERRR.

Jenny and Jamie have a tussle in the basket while Brianna and Fergus look on.

Jocasta’s all “Lady.”

Angus and Lizzie check to see what I’m doing (I am endlessly fascinating, apparently.)

It’s a Jamie in a box.

Same box, only now featuring Ian!


One of the first pictures I ever took of Dewey. Such a cute little timid boy he was. (He’s much less timid these days – I’d even call him confident, unless I’m trying to take his picture, in which case I’d call him gone.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Jamie’s all “There can be more than one da BAYbee in this litter, you know, lady.”

I’m not sure Brianna’s as interested in this tussle as Roger is.

YouTube link
Oh, that Ian – he is just the sweetest little guy!

I put a soft mat on top of this desk so that Jocasta could get away from the kittens when she wants to – and I am happy that she’s actually using it! (She’s the first mama to actually use the desk to get away from the kittens.)

YouTube link
Oh, y’know. Just hanging out in the kitten room, talking to the kittens and Jocasta, and watching ’em do their thing.

“What doin’, lady?” inquires Lord John Grey.

Good night innernets. (Marsali)


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6-23-22 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Jocasta is the “get off my lawn” face of reality that’s almost comical in your kitten pics. Sometimes to the detriment of the pic…what a wet blanket. 😉

    • Jocasta’s face cracks me up. She LOOKS like she’d like to just punch everyone square in the face, but she is, I swear to y’all, the SWEETEST girl on earth. This must be the year of the mild mamas, because I can do just about anything to her (medicate her, trim her claws, clean her ears), and she just looks mildly disappointed. Never fights me one tiny bit. SO SO SWEET.

  2. Is someone purring up a storm in the background of that second video, or is that something mechanical running in the distance? I thought I heard a motor, but it could’ve been… well, a motor, but of a different sort. 😛

    These kitties are a bunch of squeaky talkers! <3 Jocasta included. Did you ever figure out who was growlyhissing for a second there?

    • I think (though I can’t swear to it) that it’s something off in the distance you’re hearing. Our neighbors are getting a new septic tank, so there’s been heavy equipment running next door for the past couple of days.

      I didn’t really determine who the hissygrowler was, but a safe bet is that it was either Fergus or Roger, because those two seem to be the usual culprits.

      • I was guessing Fergus for the growler, no offense to his teeny drama royal self. 😛 Roger is a hissygrowler?!

        Aha, I bet it was the heavy machinery in the distance I was hearing. I’ve been known to pick up sounds in the background of videos/calls/broadcasts that everyone else missed or brushed off. “You can hear that?” is a pretty common question.

        Not sure why, but I keep imagining this litter as a bunch of squeakity purrbabies and people kitties, Jocasta included.

  3. I wish to report that I find Lord John Grey awfully dreamy!!


    (Obviously they are ALL adorable, yes. But that little black nose…)