6-21-14 – Dennis

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All these months, I’ve waited. Waited and waited for my forever family. Watched other kittens come and go. Waited. And waited some more.

“Where ARE they?!” I asked the lady. “Where are my people? What’s taking them so long? When will I go home?”

“Where can they BE?”

I’ve been so patient. I’ve been a good boy. I’ve been nice and gotten along with whatever cats and kittens come my way. “You’re such a sweet boy,” that lady told me. “Whoever ends up with you will be the luckiest people in the world.”

It’s been such a long wait. I worried and wondered if it was just never going to happen for me.

And then it did.

After all these months.

“You’re already home,” she said to me.


And we napped on it.

But I’m not sure I care for this bunny-ears thing.


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6-21-14 – Dennis — 123 Comments

  1. I am so happy! I am happy for Dennis, for you and Fred, and for all of the other cats in the house. As I was reading the teasers, it occurred to me that he might be lucky enough to stay, but I felt certain that he’d have found his home either way. (I don’t think you would tease about it if something good hadn’t happened.) Yay!

    Dennis is a little sweetheart, and while all of your cats/kittens are adorable, he’s one of the special ones that has made me go, “I wish…“ He’s so good and calm with the kittens, too, so hopefully he’ll continue to help socialize the little ones.

    Thanks for the wonderful start to my Caturday and congratulations!

  2. Oh yay yay yay!!! Now fit that boy with one of the electric collars so he doesn’t slip outside again and run afoul of Sheriff Mama!

  3. I KNEW IT!!!

    I knew as soon as he started getting along with all the other permanent residents (more or less) AND being good with the new kittens, I just knew y’all were going to wind up keeping him.

  4. Yay for Dennis! Yay for Robyn and Fred! Yay for us – – there’ll be much more Dennis in our future!!!!! Such a cute, smooooshable face! Congrats all!

  5. I suspected nothing… other than he’d be a perfect permanent resident and that you were being stubborn. Nothing at all… until you posted that picture of him “making himself at home” on top of Stinkerbelle’s kitchen cabinets 😉

    Congratulations, Dennis. You hit the jackpot. (Max and The Roo wink knowingly in your direction because they pulled the “sucker” trick too)

  6. Oh dear, I’m not sure which of you is the luckiest. So, so, happy for you!

  7. *puddles up* So glad for him and y’all! He seems to be low maintenance (except for the cat door thing) and such a good fit.

  8. Oh my goodness! That nearly made me cry from the feels with poor Dennis’ thoughts on how he’d been such a good boy but no one seemed to want to give him a chance! I’m so happy he’s now Dennis the Permanent Resident! 🙂

  9. At first this post started to make me cry. I’m just going to have to drive down to Alabama and get him I thought. What can it be a mere 30 hour drive? But then I kept reading and I was so happy for Dennis. Now I anxiously await to find out what his new nickname will be because I bet that Fred and Robyn will be calling him something else soon. Maybe Robyn already secretly does? Yay for Dennis! You are one lucky boy to finally have some “people”. You couldn’t ask for any better.

  10. This actually put tears in my eyes!!! I am soooo HAPPY for Dennis. He is such a love!!!!

    • Ditto!! guess I’m getting reallly mushy! Or, I love happy endings. Corbie’s story had the same effect on me….so glad they both have furever homes with you!!

  11. I’ve got nothing, but tears of joy for Dennis and for you, Fred, and all the permanent residents. Can’t wait to see photos of Dennis & Tommy!

  12. I´ve been a non-commenting stalker on your site for FOUR years, but this made me have to comment. Lucky lucky boy. 🙂

  13. It looks like maybe Love & Hisses now has their own “Charlene Butterbean”, kitten socializer and (mild) discipliner! But, I guess being a boy and not too large he’d have to be called something like Charlie Littlebean! 🙂

  14. “What a SHOCK!” said no one. Ever. 😉 That sweet boy was obviously meant for your family, and now I’m all snuffly…

  15. Everyone who didn’t see /that/ one coming, raise your hands. 🙂

    Happy for all of you 🙂

  16. Love how you combined the photos with captions. With the right touch, a picture of Dennis looking alert and ready for the feather teaser can turn into Dennis waiting expectantly for his forever family. Made me smile and awww with the rest of ’em. Congratulations, you sweet boy, you.

  17. Yay! I kept wishing I could drive down and scoop him up with every post about him not finding a home. I’m so glad he *is* home.

  18. I was wondering when you posted pictures of Dennis up on the kitchen cabinets … that seems to be a permanent resident thing. Yay!

  19. Robyn,…you made me cry with those captions…but I ended up with happy tears…Dennis is so lucky!

  20. Yay!!! So why’s the total permanent resident count now? He is a perfect addition!

  21. Yay!!!!! Dennis looks to be a lovable kitty and I know that he will be such of a help to socializing new arrivals. Kept trying to talk my husband to come and get him or one of the other babies if he was taken. But alas it too far of a trip for us to take. Glad he has a forever home now and Thank you Robyn for all you do for your kitties.

  22. Aww, Dennis. Buddy, when you started getting to be a kitten pal you really made a smart move! He sure seems to fit in well. PS you have to update your compatibility chart!!

  23. Ahhhhh, just call him the “Kitten Whisperer”. He’ll know how to keep those little wild ones in line 😉

  24. Wahoo! I was hoping this would be the happy ending to this story! Welcome home Dennis! Congrats to all!

  25. Yeah, so, I am crying. I have been up most of the night with a sick Gracie Lu Freebush (possible pancreatitis but she is much better this morning after a $200 vet visit at 1 am.) To wake up to read this happy news just caused a leak in my eyes. You have a way with words my dear. I think a book is in your future. I had always suspected Dennis was already home but you just never know.

  26. Yippee! I’ll admit I got a little misty reading this. That Dennis sure is a lucky dude.

  27. Awwww, what lovely news :)….got a little misty reading your update. So happy for Dennis xoxo!

  28. Yay ! I would have taken that little sweetheart but I am in California. I have kept my fingers crossed that you would see the light and you did ! Yay !
    I am a little misty eyed but you all are winners – yay !

  29. I’ve been expecting this announcement for a couple of weeks now. Best news ever. Congratulations to Dennis, & to you and Fred. A special cat and a special family equals a win-win for everyone. It’s one of those rare examples of being a failure that’s really a good thing (foster failure that is).
    God bless you for adopting Dennis.

  30. Yay for Dennis. We always knew where Dennis belonged and finally you figured it out.

  31. Glad I am not the only mushball to have unusual wet stuff dripping from her eyes. Happy for you and happy for Dennis. Maybe you can teach him how to kill some spiders and stuff and then we can all come visit. 🙂

  32. I came to the site today just hoping for a Saturday post. Unlike so many others, I did NOT see this coming at all! (I know — how blind am I???) I really thought it was yet another Saturday plea for a home for Dennis. When I got to the “sucker” part, I wondered if it was a joke. (yeah, yeah, I know — how dumb am I?). Anyway, I’m SOOOOOO happy for Dennis and for Robyn & Fred, and for all the little bebehs that Dennis will help foster. I’m so happy that we will get to see his adorable little face for years to come.

  33. Congratulations to everyone. May Dennis have a long and happy life in his furever home and may he continue to be a big help with the little ones.

  34. I admit I cried. And since that wasn’t enough, I had to read it AGAIN to cry some more!! He is such a good little nanny for the fosters. You’re lucky to have each other!!

  35. Perfect! Congratulations, y’all!! I don’t even mind that the news made my eyes leaky.

    And I love that Dennis is now listed both as “Adopted!” and is that his picture at the end of the Permanent Resident graphic on the home page already? Wonderful!

  36. Oh Robyn…I am so happy that I am actually weeping. I wept while reading the entire blog post, with all those beautiful, wonderful photos of beautiful boy Dennis.

    I’d hoped and wished that someone soon would adopt him (how I wished I could’ve flown across the Atlantic to take him home with me the very first time you posted about him needing to find his forever home – I instantly fell in love with him – he reminds me so much of my beloved little B, that we lost in February).

    I am absolutely over-the-moon delighted that you and Fred have made the wonderful decision to adopt Dennis. Ohhhh…my eyes are welling up again. Thank you so much for all the love you give to all your angels – be they fosters or permanent residents. But today, specifically, I am especially delighted that Dennis has found his forever home – with two beautiful, wonderful, loving folks that you and Fred are…and then some.

    Welcome home, Dennis. May you live a long, happy, healthy, beautiful life….more tears now…but of complete joy and happiness for all of you.

  37. Oh Dennis, I’m so happy that you’re home now. Congrats Robyn and Fred. You’ve made a very wise choice.

    He is such a love. I can’t wait to see how he interacts with the other permanent residents. I can see him pestering Maxi and looking at Tommy as a big brother. Also skirting sheriff mama carefully but taking long naps with sugarbutt.

  38. The best things take time, and Dennis is certainly one of the very best. I have a super-slow connection right now, so the lag time between photos and captions on this post especially was nearly unbearable! The happy ending (suckers!) was all the more happy for the anticipation.

  39. Awww. I love that Dennis. He looks a LOT like my Hobbes. Glad to know we’ll be seeing more of him.

    That line “you’re already home” really did me in. ::sniffles::

  40. Call me naive — I didn’t see this coming! Soooooooooooo happy!!!! <3

  41. Oh Dennis, I’m so so happy for you!

    And of course that means we will all be seeing more of your handsome self, too!

  42. Fabulous. I would have asked you to send him to me but…I already have a Denis. Give Dennis an extra big cuddle from me.

  43. I am so happy for you Dennis !!!! I always knew you would become part of the Crooked Acres gang !!! You are perfect fit for this family !!! I really needed this great news today. I had to say goodbye to my 17 year old Liam today and needed a “Kitty Fix” to ease my heavy heart. This really worked wonders for me. Congrats to you and Fred 🙂

    • Dear Louise, I am so very, very sorry and saddened for your loss of your beloved Liam. My heart breaks for you – I know all too well, sadly, how you are feeling. He will hopefully meet my beloved little Bindo there at the Bridge. Run free, Liam.

      • Thank you very much June. This means a lot to me. I knew the Love & Hisses community would understand how I can cry happy and sad tears all at the same time.

    • Oh Louise, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m glad that the good news about Dennis was able to be a bright spot in your day!

      • Thanks Robyn !! L&H is always a bright spot in my day !!! Hug all the kitties for me !!!

    • Oh I’m sorry that you had to say good by to Liam. We all know how hard this is when we have to do what’s right for them even though it’s painful for us.

    • I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to Liam, Louise. Seventeen years is both impressively long and not long enough, but I’m sure Liam was both beloved as well as lucky to have shared his life with you.

    • Aw Louise, I am sorry about Liam. It is so hard to say goodbye. I truly believe we will see them again. I will be thinking of you and hoping the pain will ease and you will be left with the happy memories. Take care of yourself.

    • Sending you a million hugs!!! I hope he is with June’s Bindo and they both found my Kitters and Josh to play with. I am sure they would all be wonderful friends.

      17 has been the “magic number” in my household, too. As my Emma approaches it, it scares me…

  44. My favorite Love & Hisses post EVER!! I also thought it was another “let’s find Dennis his family” post BUT yay!! Now I don’t have to go broke(r) to rent a bigger apartment and come get him! 🙂 because I seriously considered how Flynn and Hook might need another brudder to be the Three Musketeers!

  45. “You’re already home” she said to me. That caption brought tears, a fist pump and a very loud yay from me!

    Congrats to the whole Crooked Acres gang but most especially Dennis. He finally has his furever home.

  46. My husband and two 15 year old girl kittehs who will not put up with sharing me with anyone, barely even my husband, all thank you Robyn. You see, I was thisclose to making a detour on our upcoming trip from Long Island to Michigan (well ok maybe on the way back lol). Seriously wish I could have been the one to give him his forever home, but alas and alack (alak?) our circumstances prevented it, and now I don’t have to feel QUITE a guilty. Luv his sweet widdle face!

  47. HURRAY!!!!!!! It’s about time!!! 😀

    Congrats, Dennis!!!

    And congrats to Robyn and her hubby, who just made me so happy, because I’ve been worrying about Dennis!

  48. Woo-hoo, I am so happy! Congrats Dennis, Robyn, Fred and all the gang at Crooked Acres! I just knew there was something extra-special about that boy. Can’t wait to see him in all his new adventures with the fosters and the other permanent residents!

  49. Congratulations, little Dennis! You get to live in the best cathouse in Alabama.

  50. Woohoohoo! What a great way to start Sunday! I have just checked if there was any extra post yesterday and now I am so happy! Let me join the international choir of overjoyed followers of L&H with congratulations to Dennis, Fred and You, and the entire Crooked Acres crew.I love happy endings like this!

  51. Dennis’ face in the picture captioned “You’re already home” makes me cry…even 24 hours after reading this post for time. You go Dennis!

  52. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to read your lovely post about welcoming Dennis to the Permanent Residents! Made my day, my weekend and probably my week. If I didn’t live clear across the continent from you on Vancouver Island and have a cantankerous golden retriever who doesn’t like cats, I would have come to pick him up myself. He’s a lucky, lucky boy!

  53. Woo hoo! Not like it’s a terrible surprise but I’m so happy for you all. Many more years of joy and love to you all.

  54. Yay Dennis! Robyn you know this makes 13. I believe you need to round that number out with Tricki or Livia……

  55. Did you HAVE to do the “You’re already home,” she said to me.


    Crying at work, Robyn.

    I’m so very, very glad for Dennis. If I could have possibly managed it I would have taken him as soon as you said he needed a home.

    I’m sooooooooooooo happy for him =)))))

  56. I am a little early for Monday’s post, so I happily read Saturday’s again. I love how relaxed and contented Dennis looks in the “and we napped on it“ picture. 😀

  57. TEARS! If you hadn’t claimed him I was going to! I was thinking “Am I his person?”
    Dennis – I’m so glad you’re home!

    ETA : I cried when he said “I’ve been a good boy.”

  58. OMG – I missed this on Saturday! I am SO happy – I’m actually in my office at work, crying. I love Dennis, and am so happy he is home!