6-15-20 Monday

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I got all 6 of them, and they’re (mostly) looking at me, except for Benjamin who marches to the beat of his own drum. Can a lined-up kitten pic be far off? (Probably, but we’re headed in that direction!)

This picture cracks me up because it looks like Lola is GIGANTIC next to Benjamin. I mean, she’s bigger than he is, but not THAT much bigger. (Updated weight chart here if you’re interested.)


Clyde’s all “HALLO.”

Bunny, requesting that I take that collar off of her (and I did.)

Look at that sly smirk on Bugs’s face! He is so very pleased with his lot in life.

Like Isabella before her and Caroline last year (and possibly Margeaux, but I don’t recall for sure) Bunny will walk up and down the hallway with that dog-hair toy* in her mouth and call and keen and wail for her kittens to come see what she has caught for them. And like all the kittens before them, the Fluffles are unimpressed and do not bother to wake from their slumber(s) to see what Mama is going on about.

*That toy is made of Great Pyrenees dog fur (from our late Great Pyrs George and Gracie). Fred collected the fur he brushed off of them at various times, and I ran all the fur through the washer several times, and the fur kind of clumped together. Cats and kittens LOVE these toys, and if the toys fall apart or get gross, it’s no big deal to toss them.

Benjamin snoozing on the steps to the litter box. Because you never know when you’re gonna have to go. (If you look behind Benjamin, you will see that Cutey is flopped out between the litter boxes, sound asleep. Because of course.)

Bugs snoozing behind the water bowl. Because you never know when you’re gonna get thirsty, of course.

Cutey, playing with Bunny’s tail. (Bunny, ignoring Cutey.)

Someone asked last week (on Facebook, I think) why Bunny is so thin. I told her that it’s because she’s a nursing mama, and someone else said that it’s also likely because her fur was shaved (which I hadn’t really considered, but is certainly true). But I noticed after that that Bunny actually isn’t as skin-and-bones as mothers usually are at this point, and in fact she had clearly put on some weight. I tend not to weigh mother cats because (1) they don’t like to stay in place on the scale and (2) they’re having the life sucked out of them by nursing kittens and I feed them as much as they want to eat; I know they’re likely losing weight and I don’t see the point in watching their weight when I can watch their activity, how much they eat, and what the litter box looks like to know how they’re doing.

In any case, I had weighed Bunny on May 28th and found that she was 8 pounds, 1 ounce. I weighed her on Saturday when I was weighing the kittens, and found that in just over 2 weeks, she had gained 13 ounces. That’s a lot of weight for a nursing mother to gain in that amount of time (I say this out of admiration, not out of alarm, by the way). I see the kittens still nursing, but I don’t think she’s actually producing very much milk. Will she be the second mother cat (Katriane being the first) to actually wean her kittens while they’re here with us? I guess we’ll see!

(I think Bunny could stand to put on another 1/2 – 1 pound, but she is in really good shape. So I guess it’s more the fact that she was shaved that makes her look so thin!)


Archie enjoys the sunshine. He is such a pretty boy.


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6-15-20 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. How has life resumed for the permies now that Kara and Frankie are gone? I have an older cat that has suddenly come out of her shell after one of my even older cats passed and I can’t think of why. It’s strange, sometimes, the dynamics of the clowder. Just when you think you know them well, something like that happens and you get a wonderful surprise.

    Hope your permies are coping well. By the pics it seems as if they are. Life goes on…*deep sigh*

  2. The Cone of Silence post from Love Meow was re-posted today over on Cutetropolis.com. I said to myself, I recognize that cat mama and kitten! Bunny and Clyde!

    If you aren’t following Cutetropolis, you should be.

  3. Great pic of Archie today!
    You could probably go two by two if you can’t get all 6 lined up in a pic. You are great at making groupings/collages. I vote for putting them on the pink chair.

  4. Awww… what a lovely picture of Archie! He looks so calm and ungrumpified! I will forever love his white tippy-toes!