5-8-23 Monday

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I put this toy on Daisy’s head figuring she’d just shake it off, but she just sat there.

And was like “What?” (Then she shook her head and the toy went flying.)

Nick wrasslin’ with the green bean.

There goes Jay again, getting the ol’ boot to the face.

Jay loves his mama. Daisy considers her life choices.

Zelda and Nick really like that bed (all the kittens do!)

Myrtle has herself some Deep Thoughts. (Or perhaps no thoughts at all.)

I’ll probably give it a few more days and then set that cat tree upright and see if the kittens dismount properly.

Snugglin’ with Nick.

Myrtle and Zelda, facing off.

Oooh, they’re SERIOUS. (But before anyone could start smackin’, Jay ran through the middle and distracted them.)


Rufous is all “We gonna eat, or we gonna eat?”

I am SO SO THANKFUL for Wren, who is the best bottle baby ever and hardly ever gives me any reason to despair. Also: CUTE.

Starling is a slow eater. She savors her bottle and eats the slowest of any bottle baby ever in existence. I timed her once – it took her 5+ minutes to drink 8 cc of formula, and let me tell you: Wren could do that in about 10 seconds. Starling’s slow nurse is adorable at 3 pm. At 3 am? I’m like “Suck it DOWN, girl, I want to go back to bed!”

I love the way they snuggle up together. Such a sweet little cobbled-together litter.

The bottle babies are doing well! Rufous still refuses the bottle and I’m tube feeding him still. I’d be more concerned about him but he is SO bright-eyed and engaged – and gaining, since I’m putting the food directly in his stomach – that I’m not any more worried about him than I am about any of them. Maybe he’ll go straight from the tube to solid food? Weirder things could happen.


Newt’s all “‘Scuse you, lady. Tryin’ to sleep here.”


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Myrtle fell sound asleep in the Fruitasan!

Wren’s all “Lady, look! I can roll my tongue!” She’s a prodigy.

YouTube link
Jay messes with the wrong girl (Zelda), then suddenly realizes he has a pressing appointment to examine the air purifier.

It’s a Nick in a basket, and isn’t he the CUTEST?

YouTube link
Zelda and Myrtle get their skitterbug on, and everyone’s just basically racing from one end of the room to the other.

The size difference in these four kittens just kills me, especially considering that when I got Wren (far left) 3 weeks ago, she was just 62 g/ 2.18 oz. She was the tiniest kitten I’d ever had, and now look at her – 380 g/13.4 oz, and growing every day!

YouTube link
Daisy lures Jay in with the milk bar so she can give him a good cleaning, and then when she decides he’s clean enough, it’s a boot to the face and an “Off with you, kid.” Brilliant!

Good night innernets, from four kittens who don’t look sleepy in the slightest – Zelda and Jay in the back, Myrtle and Nick in the front.

Myrtle seems to spend a lot of time trying to figure me out. Give it up, Myrtle! I’m MYSTERIOUS.

Rufous’s face is crusty ( I don’t want to wash it too vigorously and irritate his skin) and he’s still being stubborn about the bottle (but that’s okay, I’ll tube feed as long as I need to – I am imagining having to one day interrupt his College English 101 class to tube him his lunch) but he is bright-eyed and very curious and loves to be brushed and petted, and LOOK HOW CUTE.

YouTube link
Nick the lapkitten gets BOOP’d.

YouTube link
Did you know that Daisy plays? Well, it’s a relatively new occurrence – I guess that now that her kids are grown (or nearly so), she has the time and energy to play!

Zelda’s pretty sure Saturday afternoons are meant for nappin’, and I’m pretty sure she is 100% correct.

YouTube link
Nick has a mouse, and everyone else is playing on the cat tree in the background.

Good night innernets. (Wren, who looks like a giant, using Starling’s butt as a pillow while Plover uses Wren as a pillow. I was returning Rufous to the crate when I spotted this snuggle pile and had to take a picture.)

We are SEVEN weeks old, and now we look just like real cats! ⁠

Weights are below – a few people have asked if I’m concerned about Zelda’s weight (she’s noticeably lighter than the other three.) I am not concerned, because not all kittens in a litter are going to weigh the same. I don’t compare her weight to theirs, I compare her weight to hers. Is she gaining, eating, using the litter box, hitting all the milestones? Well, she seems to be a bit ahead of the curve on all those milestones, and she’s gaining nicely. So I’m not concerned, and you shouldn’t be either. (Unless you prefer to worry, which I completely understand, so have at it!)⁠

Myrtle: 36.9 oz/1046.10 g⁠
Nick: 38.1 oz/1080.12 g⁠
Zelda: 31.6 oz/895.84 g⁠
Jay: 37.4 oz/1060.27 g⁠

(The spreadsheet of their weights since birth is here.)

Plover’s not sure she wants to open those eyes the rest of the way, to be honest.

YouTube link
Jay purrs and then Zelda purrs (hopefully you can hear the purring – I cranked the sound up as loud as I could!)

The role of The Monster Under the Bed will be played by Nick.

YouTube link
Myrtle vs. Zelda. Those girls can be VICIOUS!

Line ’em up! Left to right: Jay, Zelda, and Myrtle. (Nick was just off-camera, on the other side of the basket and didn’t make it into the shot.)

Good night innernets. (From top to bottom: Rufous, Wren, Starling and Plover)


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  1. If anything, tube feeding Rufous will make opening his mouth and poking something in there a somewhat pleasant memory, when he needs to get a pill or medication in the future. I hope you can get some rest Robyn. You must be exhausted.

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