5-3-23 Wednesday

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Myrtle’s all “Who’s THAT?! She’s beeyootiful!”

Zelda helps Mama clean her plate, while Nick licks the side of the water bowl.

They’ve (Nick, Jay and Zelda) discovered the brass bed, and I live in hope that one day I’ll see all four kittens snoozing there.

Myrtle’s all “Do you MIND, lady?”

Zelda: “You told her!”
Myrtle: “Sometimes you just gotta tell her how it is.”

Nick with his weapons (teeth and claws) on display.

“Ya got me, lady. I give up. Take me to jail, I’m a bad boy.” (After I took this picture, I immediately tickled Jay’s adorable pink armpits.)

Myrtle mid-yawn and lookin’ amused.

Jay looks forward to the day when he’s strong enough to tip that entire basket of toys over onto himself.

Myrtle sees me! (Zelda, too.)

Zelda’s havin’ Deep Thoughts.


Oh that Khal. Is he not the MOST MAGNIFICENT creature?


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The eyes, they are a-changin’. Myrtle’s still got quite a bit of blue, Nick and Zelda both have some blue, but Jay’s only got the slightest bit of blue around the outside of his eyes. I predict everyone’s going to end up with various shades of green eyes.

“Paws UP, y’all!” says Jay.

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The kittens are having a blast on the cat tree (which I put on its side so that no one could climb to the top and then try to jump to the ground, which is a thing that nearly happened except I was there and caught the kitten (JAY) in mid-flight), and then Jay and Myrtle get WILD.

Myrtle’s all “What doin’, lady?”

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Jay gets sassy with mama, and then Nick plays with her tail. Poor Daisy! (She doesn’t actually appear to mind all that much, to be honest.)

Zelda is SUCH a gorgeous little poser.

Good night innernets. (Jay, Zelda and Myrtle. Nick is sleeping elsewhere.)


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