3-25-19 Monday

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Back in 2013, we had floofy black mama Catherine (Kate) and her five kittens (that page is shamefully inadequate and needs to be updated with pictures of the kittens. In my defense, we had Khaleesi right around the same time, so my plate was pretty full), who we called the Royals. The kittens were Jareth, Charming, Aslan, Buttercup, and Leia.


Charming and Jareth were adopted together; Charming became Toby, and Jareth became Sooty. Last summer, K (their mom) had a feral cat show up on their property, who then proceeded to give birth to 4 kittens. I offered to help advertise the kittens when they were ready to be adopted, but as it turned out, no advertising needed to be done because (drumroll) they stayed! So to clarify: Toby, Sooty and their little brother Tiggy gained FOUR siblings all at once.

K reports that Toby is a wonderful big brother – very tolerant of kitten shenanigans. He’s sweet with them, grooms, plays and snuggles with them. (Awww!) Sooty is mostly tolerant and seems to prefer dealing with them one at a time. Tiggy will play with them occasionally, but is a bit jealous. Adding the 4 new kittens to the family went pretty well, though there’s a lot more litter scooping to be done with 7 cats than there were with 3, of course.

You want to see pictures? You know you do!

Sooty and Pixie. Sooty’s FACE!

Toby and Pixie.

Pixie, Toby and Rebel.

Pixie and Tiggy. Are you getting the impression that Pixie loves her big brudders?

Rebel and Sophie (those EARS!)


Honestly, my hat’s off to K – more than doubling your cat population in one fell swoop is a big undertaking! (Thanks for letting me share, K!)


Albert’s feelin’ pouty.

Willie needs a kiss.

They’re still not interested in canned food, but Albert bellied up to the bowl of formula yesterday, so it’s a start!

Charles and Caroline, tussling.

Mary did not approve of this behavior.

Laura also disapproved.

Laura’s grumpy face is killing me.

Mary is baffled by Charles’s lack of milk bar.

Albert, prancing across the bed.

Almanzo thinks this bed is quite comfy, thank you.


Oh, that Khal. Such a gorgeous boy!


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3-25-19 Monday — 5 Comments

  1. Charles is such a doll, it’s no wonder his kittens think he’s awesome. And going by the expressions on their little wee faces, I’d say they’re entering in their teenaged “gawd…*eye roll*” years and are clearly smarter and worldlier than you and everyone else, duh.

    Those update pictures are wonderful! I love seeing older cats being cool big brothers/sisters to new siblings. It reminds me of my darling Gandalf, and the way he took to his baby brother Malcolm and showed him how awesome a big brother could be.

  2. Hahaha! You had the “Find Charles” picture on Facebook yesterday, and today we can play “Find Fred” on here! 😉

  3. So many ornj kittens, and are some of them girls? That’s so very cool. And good for K, she’s a brave lady to take in FOUR ornj babies all at once. Because we all know that ornj kittens are CRAY-ZEE, right? 😉

  4. Way to go, K! Loving the interactions between the kittens and Pa. Then you kill us with a picture of the stud-muffin, Khal!