3-15-23 Wednesday

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Edited to add: 7:15 AM (Central Time) – No kittens.

Daisy wonders how she’s supposed to reach that foot.

Then she flops over and decides she’ll worry about it later.


Marsali on the scratcher, watching the feather toys.

Showing off her toebeans.

Yep, that pie plate’s gonna have to go home with her when she’s adopted.

Joanie, keeping an eye on Marsali.

She really likes to hang out under that blanket during the day, but she’ll come out if you call her.

She really likes that hammock, too.

I’m still not sure if Marsali and Joanie are a bonded pair. When we first got them, Marsali was hissing at Joanie, and Joanie was avoiding Marsali (After I picked them up on Saturday, I stopped so a FeLV/FIV test could be done on Joanie (standard practice when FF takes in a new cat) and I’m sure that made her smell “different” to Marsali.) There’s been no hissing since early Sunday, but I’ve never seen them snuggle up together, they don’t play together – occasionally they’ll sniff each other in passing, but that’s about as far as their interactions go. At this point they’re like polite coworkers. I’ll be interested to see if they warm up to each other as time passes.


Khal in the catnip pot. This picture is from late December, after we had a very cold period of time where the temperature stayed below freezing for 3 days in a row (not the norm for North Alabama.) I thought for sure it would kill off the catnip (I did move the pot against the house so it got a little shelter – and yes, I could have brought it inside the garage, but I don’t baby my plants because I’m too busy babying my cats, THANK YOU), but it’s now mid-March, and it’s doing great. Next time I see Khal in the pot, I’ll have to take a picture for comparison.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

No kittens, only attitude.

Marsali wishes you a happy Pi Day!

YouTube link
Brown tabby and white Marsali (in her pie plate, which is fitting since it’s Pi Day) and tortie Joanie (in my lap) are two happy, happy girls. ❤

YouTube link
Daisy is just. So. CUTE!

Five years ago, we were fostering house panther Katia and her dilute tortie mother Kristi (The Olympians). They were part of a large colony of cats that a family was feeding. The colony was growing out of control, so the family asked for help. Forgotten Felines of Huntsville trapped, neutered and returned most of them, but Kristi and Katia were both clearly pregnant, so they came to me. Kristi was a little scared but would allow petting (and after time loved to be petted). I never got my hands on Katia – she was truly feral and on the few occasions I accidentally touched her in passing, she let me know that was not how life was gonna be.⁠

Katia had her kittens first – 4 of them – and then a few weeks later (on March 19th, 2018), Kristi had 6 kittens. When all the kittens were adopted out, Kristi and Katia went to stay with Michelle. (Michelle is who I foster for.)⁠

In that second picture, the two of them in the litter box (which is clean and empty, and the cats like to use it as a bed)? I had just petted Katia. It only took 4+ years, but Michelle got that girl tamed!⁠

I thought y’all – especially those of you who were with us back in 2018 and remember Kristi and Katia – might like to see that update.

YouTube link
Joanie has decided that life in the foster room ain’t so bad after all.

Marsali and Joanie, checking in with each other.

It’s a Daisy pie (my favorite!)

Good night innernets. (Marsali)


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  1. When my very bonded kittwins Dash and Zephyr were about 4 years old, we moved to a house only a quarter mile away. I don’t know if it was the carriers’ vet visits’ scent, the new home’s scent (previous owner had dogs) or a combo, but Zephyr suddenly treated Dash like a complete, very unwelcome stranger, and the drama lasted for days. She was, if anything, more affectionate with me. She slowly got friendlier towards him and they played together again (it helped that Dash didn’t have the same reaction), but she hardly ever wanted to cuddle against him to sleep again. I know Marsali and Joanie’s circumstances are very different, but if I ever move 2 or more cats again, I’m getting a large cage way ahead of time to help bridge the changes.

  2. I had a giggle at the 2010 entry name cause I’m all….wasn’t that Maura and was right.
    And Daisy reminds me of an old Tom cat that adopted us we called buddy but turned out he belonged to an employed serviceman and his name was Duffy x3.we basically shared custody when his human came home and we only found out because he followed his cat to see where he went one day

  3. Marsali and Joanie’s interactions remind me of my Harley and Allie. They were definitely “polite co-workers.” I never saw them cuddle, although they would touch noses to say hi and, occasionally, have nighttime zoomies together. Neither were lap cats, although Harley liked to cuddle next to me. Allie mostly ignored me. But after Harley died, Allie clearly missed her and has become very affectionate and a total lap cat. I feel like she was a lot closer to Harley than I realized. I like the “new” Allie and am hesitant to get another cat, just in case that would make her go back to her her old ways!

  4. Just FYI, I am back from my weekend of not be able to check on Daisy. Kinda sad she didn’t already have them babies, but also kinda glad she did not. XXfingers crossed for the 19thXX

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