7-2-10- The Rescuees & the Bookworms.

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We’ll be headed out to the adoption center in a few hours, so I can get the Rescuees settled in their cage. Adoption hours take place this evening and again tomorrow, so I’m keeping my fingers VERY crossed that they’re all adopted super-quickly. Y’all keep your fingers crossed, too!

Kittens… and a bucket of squash! Of course. Where else would the bucket of squash be, after all?

Sweet little Lieu.

Gavin, lookin’ smug.

I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I’d rather not know.

Sheila, with a toy in her mouth, fighting with Lieu. Who says kittens can’t multi-task?

Melted kittens. (Garrity in the front, Reacher in the back.)

Don’t Sheila and Reacher look like they could be related?

Sheila, fighting with Bolitar.

Lieu, sound asleep.

And a Rescuees movie, without Lieu. Lieu hadn’t shown up yet when I shot this stuff.

YouTube link


“The heat… is so hot… I am melting… save yourself!”


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