7-15-10 – The Bookworms

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Edited to add: The Bookworms? NEGATIVE!!!!!! YAY!!!

The boys are off to be tested and neutered in a little while. ‘Til tomorrow, here are some pictures I took the day before I went on vacation.

Awww, look at Gavin and Garrity, right there in the middle of the vegetable inspection!

All four Bookworms (click on the picture to go over to Flickr and see notes on who’s who), Lieu, Garrity, and Jake! Could we fit any more cats in one picture?

And by the way, so far only Sheila has been adopted (this can be partially explained by the fact that there was initially a litter of Siamese kittens in the very next cage. And you KNOW how people love the Siamese. They suck up all the attention!). The other four are at the adoption center. I’m hoping this weekend will be their lucky weekend!


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