7-23-10 – Los Gatitos, Martin, & the Bookworms.

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Say goodbye to Los Gatitos! They’re headed to the adoption center this afternoon, and I’ll be surprised if they’re there past the weekend.

Hermano, hanging out.

Sofia shows her sass.

Pancho. Fred laughed when he saw this and said that it looks like a Glamour Shots portrait!

Sofia was all disapproving, “Lady, you keep saying you’re going to take this door out to the garage and strip it and repaint it. How long are you going to talk about it before you do it?” It’s SUMMER in Alabama, Sofia! It’s supposed to hit 100 today and tomorrow, and going outside is like walking into a sauna. I’ll do it this Fall when it’s cooled off some! (Yeah, right.)

How can you not fall to the charms of Evita?

Flirty Hermano.



“I hope my new sisters are nice.”

Poor Martin. He’s so lonely – I go in to spend time with him, and the moment I walk through the door he howls with his squeaky little howl. I can’t wait ’til he meets his new sisters! Last night he came face-to-face with Jake, and he was only mildly freaked out by the experience. Hopefully the same will be true tonight when he meets the new girls!


Three of the four. Corbett’s always off marching to the beat of his own drummer.

Jake, Rhyme, and (you can barely see him) Elwood.

Reacher, Jake, Rhyme, and Elwood. They love to hang out in the kitchen in the morning, when the sun shines through the windows.


Spanky’s also a fan of the morning sun in the kitchen.


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