2-19-21 Friday

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I was wondering where she goes when you vacuum, and then it struck me she’s a kitten clown car herself!

YES she is (though let’s hope there aren’t 15 kittens in there.)

When I vacuum she goes up onto the cabinet in front of the window and kind of sits so she’s blocked by the crown bed. She also goes into the crate and watches from there.

When I think of how last weekend I was all “I need to vacuum her room on Saturday because SURELY THOSE KITTENS WILL BE BORN BY MONDAY”, all I can do is roll my eyes at myself. (I don’t vacuum the foster room when the kittens are tiny, I just get by with sweeping and Swiffering)


Love the sheet/pillowcase print that Khal is up against!

I LOVE that sheet set! It came from Target, but it looks like they don’t carry them anymore. Ain’t it always the way?


Do you have your night camera up and running? How is she during the night? Is she getting restless?

Yep, I have multiple Nest cameras in strategic spots in the room. She is the very opposite of restless during the night – I turn the upstairs lights off around 10, she gets up on the couch (or in one of the beds by the windows) and then she stays there – with the exception of quick trips to the crate, the litter box, and the food bowl – until Fred gets up around 3:30. Then she sits and stares at the door for a few minutes (probably to determine whether she hears me approaching with her breakfast), then goes back to the couch for another couple of hours.


I just got my auction package, and my cat went nuts over the fabric toy. He has never really cared about catnip. What special nip was that? He’s never done that before!

That is Yeowww! brand catnip, which I believe Teresa buys in bulk. Those “thank you” toys we include with each auction package are nearly almost a big hit with cats. Archie has a favorite one that he carries around the house and which I can hear him licking-licking-licking from time to time.


As you may have guessed by now, Canasta did NOT have her kittens during my dentist appointment yesterday. SO MUCH FOR THAT IDEA.

“Why you stop pettin’ me, lady?”

“Obviously I can’t have my kittens just yet. There’s so much more room in this box for my belly to grow!”

“LOOK at all that room!”

Once again, if she has her kittens over the weekend (LORD ALMIGHTY PLEASE LET HER HAVE HER KITTENS OVER THE WEEKEND) I’ll post on social media first and then here. FINGERS CROSSED.


Newt on the screened porch in warmer days.


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2-19-21 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Surely even the kittens must be all “that’s it, I’m outta here! I don’t care that you’re making the lady wait for poops and giggles…”.

    • Our bowling team is named Splits and Giggles. My mom used to always say the pg rated one, so we did it to honor her!

  2. I love Canasta !!!!!!!!!

    She is the only cat I know of that has a well developed sense of humor !!!!!

  3. Have we got names for the kittens yet? I’ve thought of Cribbage, Casino, and Canfield so far, but I can’t think of other games with a C.

  4. I was hoping for names of some card sharks, like from the movie The Sting. Kid Twist (great name for the one kickin’ the belly), Lonnegan, Billie (Gondorff’s girl), etc.