2-13-23 Monday

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Nacho keeps an eye on me.

Francesca, too.

Cinna in the sun. (She looks big in this picture, but she’s actually still a little peanut.)

Linzer and Cinna have a think.


Lincoln in my lap, giving me attitude.

And Lilly in my lap, lookin’ sweet.

Hanging out under the hammock.

Lilly gets some Churu. (Lincoln is kind of skeptical about the Churu.)

Lilly (top) and Lincoln, keeping an eye on me.

Friday, I moved Cinnaspin and Linzer’s favorite toys and beds into the foster room, and then moved Lilly and Lincoln into the office. This gives Lincoln and Lilly much more room to run around (and a cat tree in the window!), and judging by the noises I hear at 3 am, they are enjoying it quite a bit.

Cinnaspin, especially, is annoyed by the fact that she can’t go into my office, but after a day of sulking she decided to forgive me. (Lincoln and Lilly haven’t been with us 2 weeks yet, so there’ll be no intermingling between them and the others, just to be safe.)


Alice Mo
the calico
ain’t crazy about
all these kittens, no

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“None shall pass,” says Linzer.

Francesca is very interested in the clip-on light I sometimes use to take pictures.

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The Cookie girls – snowshoe Linzer & torbie Cinnaspin – and Los Gatos Hermanos – house panther Francesca & black and white tuxie Nacho – are working on being friends. Or at least coexisting. It’s going pretty well!

Cinnaspin was startled by a sound out in the hallway, turned to see what it was, and was surprised by a beautiful torbie in the mirror. So she hissed, of course. And that darn torbie in the mirror hissed back! The nerve.

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Honorary permanent resident Trixie (who belongs to a neighbor, but spends most of her time on our front porch) is showing that banana who the boss is, while Linzer and Cinnaspin try to figure out who she is and where she came from.

Oh that Lilly, she is just the PRETTIEST girl. (Where is Lincoln, you ask? Behind the toilet, obviously.)

Good night innernets. (This Nacho pie doesn’t look very sleepy.)

Lincoln is giving me attitude.

I guess Cinnaspin needed a hug from Mister Frog (meanwhile, Linzer is flirting with the ceiling fan.)

Nacho makes herself comfy.

When the Francesca and Nacho are away (downstairs), the Cinnaspin will defiantly take control of the taco truck. And she’s not sorry. Fish tacos, anyone?

Good night innernets. (Francesca, left, and Nacho)

Lilly (front) and Lincoln have been moved out of the bathroom and into my office, which gives them quite a bit more space to race around. Judging by the racing, jumping and batting-at-toys noises I heard at 3 am, they’re definitely enjoying having more room!

Looks like there’s a fight a-brewin’ between Linzer (left) and Cinnaspin!

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Nacho (black & white tuxie), Francesca (all-black), Linzer (snowshoe, on the stairs) and Cinnaspin (torbie, on the stairs) are big, big fans of Da Bird, and though they’re kind of nervous about Trixie (the calico and white), they’ll still come and play! (Newt likes to supervise)

Nacho had quite a bit to say to the birds in the front yard.

Good night innernets. (Linzer, Cinnaspin and Francesca)(Nacho was in the cat tree by the window.)


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  1. I particularly love that “None shall pass” picture of Linzer on the stairs. The colors, the symmetry, the exemplary kittenloaf front-paw tuckage.