2-13-20 Thursday

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I posted this on social media yesterday, but I know not all of you do social media, so I’m posting it here as well (though you’ll see it again in Sunday’s Weekly Roundup post.)

I took these pictures and weighed them Tuesday evening, but didn’t get a chance to go through the pictures and put the collage together ’til mid-day yesterday. Here they are with their nicknames and weights.

Pink is nicknamed Pink because s/he has a dab of fingernail polish on his/her ear (which I applied after I took the picture), Yellow has yellow polish, Black has no polish, Big Gray is (try to follow me here) the biggest, and Little Gray is the (can you guess?) smallest. (By the way, Little Gray is the kitten with the tail light. I didn’t include that info in yesterday’s social media post and it was the #1 question.)

To answer another question: I do think Big Gray and Little Gray will be striped tabbies – Big Gray is stripier, Little Gray is more spotted. I need to go back and compare them to Luc and Fleur’s baby pictures and see how close they look, which will give us some idea of how they’ll turn out (or possibly not, because you know how it goes.)

The family. Isabella looks like she might be rethinking some of her life choices.

Little Gray says “Why am I always on the bottom of the pile?”

Mama’s off eating.

“Okay, what’s going on here?”

This was actually a cry, but it looks like the biggest, cheesiest grin.

Kitten Pie (I was cleaning out the bedding again. I know I should leave it even when it’s soiled because kitten poop at this age has no smell at all and I’m sure it’s safe and everything, but it drives me NUTS to see it. I can’t handle those babies on poop-stained bedding, I just caaaaaan’t.)

“You make my babies cry, you monster.”

“I know you’re out there, weird lady. My mama told me ’bout you.”

“What the – ?”

I know it always looks like she’s giving me The Eye, but she still likes me, no matter how much I make her babies cry.

Oh, I can’t believe I nearly forgot to mention this! With these kittens, we are officially at 401 fosters!


That doll bed on the right (where Frankie is hanging out) used to be beside the couch and it was very popular until suddenly it wasn’t. So I moved it into the computer room, and voila. Popular again! (Possibly has something to do with the fact that it’s almost right over the heating vent. The bed Newt is in (on the left) has a heated bed on it, so it’s always popular.)


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2-13-20 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. Holy smokes. I just did the conversion on their weights (Canadian here) and those are some chunky babies! Except little grey — who is perfect the way she is. Good job Isabella!

  2. It´s been one year since the Half Pints were born. Happy Birthday, Laura, Mary, Willie, Albert, and Almanzo!

  3. I cannot handle the tiny, translucent pink muzzles.

    Re: kitten poop having no odor at this stage. They’ll sure make up for it later!

    Beautiful family and mama.

  4. Little Gray has a perfectly round Puff-sized head. Now I read s/he may be a striped grey tabby with a white dot on the tail? Like a mini-Archie, only with a Sputnik-like head.