2-12-21 Friday

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Do the other permanent residents know Canasta (expect Charlie)?

Charlie’s the only permanent resident who’s been in the foster room. None of the others want ANYTHING to do with that room or any of the occupants in it.


You don’t think she’d have the kittens on the couch, do you…? I mean, there’s goin’ rogue, then there’s eff-you-lady-I’m-having-them-here rogue.

That’s my worry (that, or on top of one of the cabinets), but in the last few days she’s been checking out one of the crates, so I am HOPING that her instincts will kick in and she’ll choose a crate (or even a box) to give birth in, for safety’s sake.


It would so make me smile to have her sleep on me and feel those babies move!!!

It’s a REALLY neat feeling! Last year, in the days before she had her kittens, Isabella would spend large amounts of time sleeping on me, and I could feel the babies kicking like crazy.


Yeah, I always thought Khal leaned more on the Norwegian Forest cat, if you want to put a label on him – whatever, he’s the man and so, so swoon-worthy! When you mentioned how Jake “He likes high-strung girl cats”, I immediately remembered how he used to geek-stalk Maxi, even though she was all “out of my league, little man…”.

Oh yes indeed, Jake was FASCINATED by Maxi, who wanted NOTHING to do with him!


Did you move far from Crooked Acres? Why did you move? I do love your kitten room.

It’s about 40 miles from Crooked Acres to where we are now. We moved because we wanted to be closer to things and wanted a house that didn’t take a million dollars to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.


Um, so those lumps showing on Canasta’s side in the photo of her lying in the purple crown bed? Are those…kittens? Or I’m just imagining kittens everywhere are this point?

I think you’re seeing her hips. No kitten lumps are showing in that picture that I can see!


My mom used to have an indoor-outdoor cat who decided that the best way into the house was through the 2nd floor bathroom window. She would climb a tree and jump onto the patio roof, and from there she could get to the bathroom window. She would sit there until someone let her in. She exited the house through the back door; that just wasn’t her preferred entrance!

I can JUST imagine Archie figuring out how to get on the roof of the screened porch and sitting at Fred’s bedroom window waiting to be let in. (In fact, I’m sure the ONLY reason he hasn’t done that is because we have metal flashing wrapped around the tree next to the porch so that they can’t get onto the roof.) Cats are gonna do what cats are gonna do.


“Go ahead, lady. ASK ME ONE MORE TIME.”

Fred waved the feather teaser over her head and she ended up like this, and just stayed there (not stuck – just not even trying to roll over or get up.) She’s such a nut.

“He’s in my ham-mick!” (Yes, there’s another one across the room. Apparently this is the GOOD one.)

She’s keeping an eye on Charlie; Charlie’s waiting for Fred to come into the room.

She got tired of being upright(ish) and flopped down.

Same drill this weekend as last: if she has her kittens, I’ll post on social media first and then here. I am so hoping this is the weekend. But PERHAPS NOT. We’ll see!


Jake’s waiting for Khal or Charlie to come out and clean his ears.


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2-12-21 Friday — 6 Comments

  1. Jake’s such an adorable little goofball. Every cat home needs one and mine is missing one. 🙁

  2. Does Canasta have an extra nipple? The “rub my belly please” pose seems to show 9. Don’t kitties normally have 8?

    • Yes, she’s got 9, one up by her armpit. Canasta is absolutely one of a kind in every way.