12-27-21 Monday

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I tried to measure Ivy’s tummy with that measuring tape, but she wasn’t having it. (It seems smaller to me, but that’s entirely possible because I know she’s not pregnant.)

She was showing that banana what was what.

Since a lapcat, this one.

So Ivy is spending her days with access to the rest of the house. At bed time (around 9 pm), she gets her “dinner”, and is shut in the foster room until Fred gets up around 4 and lets her out. Most mornings she checks out the downstairs for a little while, then returns upstairs and spends the majority of the day snoozing on my bed or in the foster room. There’s been very little hissing and no growling between her and the permanent residents. She keeps an eye on them when they’re in the foster room, but doesn’t seem to mind too terribly much. It’s been smooth sailing, really.

(And no – we are not keeping her. She’s adoption pending and will be going home to join former fosters d’Artagnan and Porthos after her spay surgery, which at this time is scheduled for January 17th. There will be no new fosters until after I get back from my trip in mid-January. So it’s going to be kinda quiet here for now.)


Jake’s guilty face when he realizes he’s been caught checking out the food in the foster room.


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Ivy is ADOPTION PENDING! She’ll go home after she’s spayed (she’s scheduled to be spayed January 17th; we’re hoping to be able to get her in sooner) and until then she’ll hang out here with us. And yes: that was fast! Lucky girl, lucky family!

How sweet is this? Former foster Sammy Samarium (left) and his sister Mouse are BFFs already! (I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist that little charmer.) (Thanks Sarah!)

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Ivy and the track ball and the rug. I mean, someone’s gotta keep that rug minding its manners.

It is Thlurrrpsday, so please admire Ivy’s form.

Good night innernets. (Ivy, mid-knead.)

Ivy was not going to reach through there and nibble on the Christmas tree, and she resents the accusation.

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Uncle Charlie makes himself at home. “He’s got some NERVE,” thinks Ivy. (Since Ivy is not pregnant, and she IS adoption pending – she’ll go home after she’s spayed in mid-January), we decided to let her have the run of the house during the day. Charlie thinks this is awesome, because he can hang out in the foster room!)

Good night innernets. (Permanent residents Jake (front) and Charlie (distant) are waiting for Santa.)

Good morning and Merry Christmas from permanent resident Newt, who is wearing his holiday finery. 🎄

I’ve posted this before, but it’s too perfect not to post again – Alfie Alfredo (left) and Christopher Chutney are picture perfect. (And a reminder that you can follow them on Facebook!) Merry Christmas!

Ivy wishes you all the happiest of days. ❤️🎄

Permanent resident Charlie is one dapper boy, isn’t he? 🎄

(Permanent resident) Alice Mo the calico says “You better bring me some Churu and my Daddy, yo.” Merry Christmas!

Ivy hopes… well, she hopes there’s a Churu back there, but she also (in her heart of hearts) hopes that you’re having a wonderful Christmas!

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Newt)

“Just looking at the tree. Not touching!” Ivy loves to hang out on the stairs.⁠

I’ve seen comments indicating that y’all think this “Ivy adoption pending” thing is a con and that I’ll be all “Surprise! We’re keeping her!” ⁠

We’re not keeping her. She’s got a wonderful family to go to once she’s spayed, which includes former fosters d’Artagnan and Porthos. She’s just getting the run of the house during the day (still stays in the foster room overnight, which she seems to prefer) because it’s easier for me, and she can come demand attention when she wants it. She still considers upstairs her safe space, and after exploring downstairs in short bursts first thing in the morning, she tends to spend her late morning and afternoon hours sleeping on my bed.

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Ivy is one playful girl! (In case you missed the news: Ivy went for an ultrasound last week, and we found that she is not pregnant. She is scheduled for her spay surgery on January 17th – the soonest I could get her in – and then will go home, because she’s adoption pending. For now she gets to just hang out with us. I will not get more fosters until I’m back from my trip in mid-January.)

Ivy’s a goldfish, and she ain’t sorry.

Good night innernets. (Ivy, who is 3 feet from a big, comfy bed but of course would rather curl up here.)


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  1. How am I just noticing that the red wreath has sparkle balls and spring toys on it?!? That’s so perfect!! ❤️

  2. So thrilled that Ivy is going to be the little (?) sister of d’Artagnan and Porthos! I love when former adopters adopt again. Blessings to the new family and a request for pictures when all are settled, please!

  3. Oh, I missed the fact that Ivy was going to join d’Artagnan and Porthos. How wonderful is that?!