12-1-20 Meeting Uncle Charlie

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Not long after the Vittles came to us, Charlie started showing interest in going into the foster room. At first he’d howl outside the door when Fred and I were both in there, and then he started RACING through the door as soon as we opened it. I wanted to limit his contact with the kittens until after they’d had their vaccinations, but Charlie still made it into the room several times before that happened. Every time he made it into the room I’d have to snap a few pictures of the kittens’ reaction to him before I picked him up and carried him out (and then wiped him down with a wipe, which probably didn’t do a single thing to protect him from any potential germs, but it made me feel better at least.)

Now that everyone vaccinated and now that they’ve been with us for nearly two months (!), if Charlie wants to go into the room, we let him.

So here are the pictures I’ve been saving to share of Charlie’s first forays into the kitten room, right up until – well, I think that last picture was taken Sunday.

The very first time Charlie ran into the foster room, Buffalo Bill got floofy.

And Annie Oakley got FLOOFY.

So did Candy Apple. Is that or is that not a fabulous floof suit?

Funnel Cake found Charlie very interesting.

And Charlie was like “You need your ears cleaned, kid.”

Apparently these were some dirty kittens.

Calamity Jane (love the floofed tail!) and Tater Tot give Charlie the sniff-over.

Calamity Jane’s floof suit kills me.

French Fry looks him over. Charlie’s all “Lotta kittens in here, lady.”

Teaching the kittens how to properly occupy that trash can.

Once she got past her floofy stage, Calamity Jane would follow Charlie around looking like the heart-eyes emoji.

Pretzel also likes him quite a bit.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether Charlie was in the ham-mick first, or climbed in with Tater Tot.

He loves the ham-mick, they love to gather around and bat at his tail and sniff his feet.

Eclair says “He’s cute and he’s nice most of the time. The total package!”

I don’t think it’s necessarily that Charlie wants to be in with the kittens – most of the time when he’s in the room, he ignores them, though he’ll occasionally lick one (or have his ears licked). I think it’s the room itself – my theory is that he thinks of it fondly as his childhood home.


Dewey’s all “Ugh. He can HAVE that room and those KITTENS.”


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12-1-20 Meeting Uncle Charlie — 3 Comments

  1. Clearly he’s the cool “taking a year off before College” Uncle, and boy did he see and do things, kids.

    • I was thinking that he was like the teenage cousin! I come from a big family and I had 5 or 6 cousins almost exactly my age, and there was another group of cousins 6 or 7 years older than us — we were so happy when they let us hang with them!

  2. Charlie is sort of echoing Archie with Aramis-Charlie’s litter. He might be a tiny bit friendlier than Archie. But I thought Archie did well. Good thing none of those kittens was wearing a dish towel when he met them! 😛