11-21-19 Thursday

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Luc happened by as Newt was swatting at that dangling feather.

And he said “HI UNCA NEWT!”

Then he got a slight swat from Newt, and he immediately rolled over on his back to show Unca Newt who the boss is. (It ain’t Luc.)

I wish you could relax, Gabrielle.

“Why you stop pettin, lady?”

A Fleur and her brudder.

Snuggly girls (Luc and Frankie on the cat tree in the background!)

A cuddle puddle.

Fleur continues to do well – she still sounds a little raspy, but I would say that the medication (antiobiotics and a steroid) are helping. I’ll be glad when she can take that cone off, not only because she’ll be more comfortable but because she tends to drag it through the canned food when she eats, and it’s kinda stinky. (Note to self: get a second cone so you can wash one, maybe? Duh.)


Frankie looks comfy. (That cat bed came from CatLadyBox. The outer part, anyway – the white fleece bed inside is one I put in there because I thought the cats might find it more comfy. And I was right!)


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