11-21-18 Wednesday

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Solenoid in the sun. Sunshine makes her happy. We’d all like to see more sun, please.

Oh, that Gauge. He’s such a STRIKING boy.

A bit of ATTITUDE from Cruise.

Fender needs a kiss, is what I’m thinkin’.

You’d never know from looking at that little mini-Archie face what a love bug LoJack is, would you?

Good lord, look at those TOES.

Clutch, taking a sun bath.

Cam, amazed (and beyootiful.)

Checking out the view.

Tub full o’ kittens.

Wahhh! Is Pulley Da BAYbee? (She assures me that she is not.)

Tank looks like he’s about to fall asleep – and in the background, we have an Open Mouth of Outrage.


Archie has an Annoyance.

SPEAKING of Archie, when Teresa and Leslie were here the other night, I suddenly heard the sweet, melodic screech of Archie at the door to Fred’s office, demanding to be let in. I opened the door, saying “You don’t want in here, buddy, there are strangers!” To my immense surprise, Archie stomped right over to Teresa and Leslie, rolled around on his back, got a bunch of love and petting, and eventually left the room again. I guess he’s decided he ain’t skeered of strangers any more!


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11-21-18 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. I have Archie’s twin brother Lark. They even have the same white strip down their nose. (Was gonna post a pic but I don’t know how)

  2. Yes but will Archie grow into the role of Uncle Archie? Stay tuned! (Oh please please please that would be epic.)

    How do the little squirts manage to get out of the tub?!

  3. Got my calendars today!!!!! Yay!!! They are awesome and I can’t wait to hang them up at home and at work.