11-21-16 Monday

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Over the summer, our pear trees – which have never been terribly prolific – went nuts, and we got tons and tons of Kieffer pears. With our bounty, I made pear preserves that apparently taste exactly like the pear preserves Fred’s grandmother made when he was a child. Since we’re never going to eat all the jars of pear preserves we made, we decided to sell them. I finally got a page up and running at crookedacres.com listing the pear preserves we have, along with some jam I made over the summer – almost everything was made with fruit and peppers grown here at Crooked Acres, or grown locally.

So if you’re interested in any of that, go take a look. I sold out of the caramel-apple jam, but am planning to make more tomorrow. The shipping on this stuff is ridiculously expensive, so if you’d rather make your own, I’m happy to share recipes – just shoot me an email.

(Mostly I want this stuff – which is piled up all over my dining room – gone so that I can put my decorations up!)


The kittens, if you hadn’t noticed, now have the run of the upstairs. This means that they spend a LOT of time in Fred’s room, hanging out and making trouble. But mostly just hanging out.

Smilin’ Chesnee says “Now THIS is the life!”

Charlotte is a big fan of the big cat bed.

For the first couple of days, Charleston would run and hide between the two piles of pillows if he heard any strange noises – Fred walking down the hall was especially alarming. Then once he realized there was nothing to fear, he’d casually come out and claim that he wasn’t skeered.

All six in one shot! That’s Charlotte, refusing to leave her comfy bed, and then from left are Chesnee, Raleigh, Charleston, Aberdeen, and Iva.

Sweet Abby girl.

“That’s right, I left the comfy bed once everyone else ran off. High five!”

Charleston. Oh, this boy. I certainly like to kiss his sweet little face.

Raleigh, admiring Miz Poo. “She’s purrrty!”

Checking out the condo situation.

Look at the adoring look Charleston is giving Charlotte!

“She keeps my earses clean. I lurve her.”

All of ’em, hanging out on or near the bed. In the cat bed are Charleston and Charlotte. On the blanket of pink kitties are Abby and Raleigh. And on the little cat tree are Chesnee and Iva.

I tried very, very hard to get all six kittens in that bed, but they weren’t having it. I managed to get five of them in there, at least for a brief moment.

Oh dear. It appears she’s become loonified. I’m telling you, I think the loons are catching!

I weighed the kittens yesterday and found that Aberdeen and Charleston – who were skin and bones just a week ago – had each gained nearly a pound in that time. All the kittens are at or over 3 pounds. They’re old enough, big enough, and healthy enough for spaying and neutering, but this being a holiday week, I wasn’t able to get them on the schedule. So they’ll be going next Tuesday, and then will head off to Petsmart later in the week. Can you believe it’s already nearly that time?


Queen Alice wants none of your nonsense.

“Off with your heads!”

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11-21-16 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. Charlotte is no dummy. She know – move your feet, lose your seat! I am sure she did not appreciate you stuffing allllll those kitten into HER bed! 🙂

    I am NOT ready for these babies to leave. sigh

  2. I just love that pic of loonified Charlotte <3

    Your link to 2007 doesn't work and you have forgotten 2008 🙂

  3. They’re old enough, big enough, and healthy enough “. this so reminds me of the Stuart Smalley (sp?) on SNL. Remember Michael Jordan saying “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it , people like me.” Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  4. Nooo! They can’t possibly be big enough or old enough yet to go! They still look so young & defenseless.

  5. Called charlottes case of the loons, she definitely has them.

    And LOVE that pic of them all paired up and snuggling/sleeping around the bed.

  6. Aw, I love the look of a loonified Charlotte! When she looks up, it shows off her round, chubby baby cheeks.

    The babies are already headed to PetSmart next week?! Wah! Now I’M da BAYBEE! *sulk*

  7. I can now testify to the absolute yummyness of the pear preserves! Even better than the pear preserves my grandmother used to make 🙂 I’m gonna need about 12 more jars…

  8. I hope the kittens find homes quickly. They’re bound to make someone’s New Year very happy. All Hail Queen Alice!