1-12-18 Friday

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I NEEEEED that sign.. seriously need.. if you were any closer to me I would run right over there and steal it from you.

No need for stealin’! You can get your own here, at Amazon, or here at Hallmark.


I love how Archie is laying BETWEEN the 2 self heating pads.

He don’t need no stinkin’ heat! He’s a manly kittyman who generates his OWN heat by burning with hatred for Stefan (or so he’d like us to think).


I went to Cafepress but didn’t find the items you’ve sold there before. My husband accidently broke my Stompers shot glass. Is there any chance I’d still be able to get one somewhere?

You can find your Stompers gear over here.


Have you considered a futon sleeper chair for your 60″ wide space? Something like (this) or (this) ? (Well, ok, Mission style would probably be bad because kitten heads could get stuck in the slats, but…)

I looked at those, but I’d rather have something loveseat-sized that will mostly fill in the space. What I’m dreaming of is a This End Up type loveseat – they’re the right size, but prohibitively expensive. I think what’s going to end up happening is that I will spend the next year dithering and then just not get anything, because that’s how I roll.


I do have a question about the bed frame in the guest room. Is that an Eastlake antique piece? It looks similar to an Eastlake bed I had. Just curious.

That is, indeed, an Eastlake. Fred grew up sleeping in that bed – his parents bought it at an estate sale, and got a dresser that matches it. It’s spend the past 10 years or so hanging out in the upstairs of the garage at Crooked Acres, so it’s nice to be able to put it to use now. The cats certainly approve.


I have to share – I LOVE cats but they can have some nasty habits. 16 years ago we moved into a little house with our 2 young boys and 2 cats. It is unknown whether the previous owner had animals, and I know we didn’t have rodents. But after awhile my 2 cats began to occasionally pee into the floor vents!!! I am sure that once the first one did it, the second one took the cue to join. It was a horrible problem to put it mildly… We had to eventually quarantine one cat to the garage and outside (she peed on the couch when we got a puppy :-/ ) and the other cat finally quit using the floor vent for the litterbox. We got the duct work changed out and when we moved, we had to ultimately remove the subfloor plywood to completely remove any remains of the smell… I’d never experienced this before and the vet had no helpful explanation or tips beyond stress and clean, clean, clean… you and Fred seem to have model cats from heaven and I wouldn’t expect it but wondered if any one else had cats who either used the vents or found a spot in the house that was completely inappropriate. There is NOT MUCH ELSE worse than cat urine…

HA. Model cats from heaven we do not have, but (at least at this moment) we don’t have sprayers. We’ve never had any of them pee into the vents, but when Corbie was with us, he went through a stage where he sprayed a LOT. We covered all the furniture in washable pee pads, blocked off the areas where we were afraid he’d spray, and ultimately put him on Prozac for a couple of months, which finally worked. (The first thing we did was whisk him off to the vet to be sure the issue wasn’t something physical, of course. I had tried Feliway, Rescue Remedy and something else… Oh! Zylkene, which at that time was only available from the UK, so I had to order directly from there. None of that worked, and a vet workup showed no physical issues, so Prozac it was.)


This comment made me laugh out loud:

I love how amazing Khal looks. It’s like fra la la here’s a pretty kitty and here’s a pretty kitty and oh yes don’t mind that collection of dark matter in the corner. It’s friendly.


Amazing story about a lost cat – returned after 15 years.

How cool is that!


It has occurred to me that Kara is a good role model for little girls. I’m sure the number of female sheriffs isn’t that high. With her being my Dora’s birth mother, I told Dora to reach for the sky. Her birth mother did it, so can she!

Girl power!


Love the quilt, where did she get the backing material? I do quilting, would love to use it, too!

She said she got it at Joann.


I don’t know how long he’s had them, but it wasn’t until one day last week that I realized Frankie has nose freckles. Adorable boy.

The corner of Fred’s office is still popular with the cats.

Khal’s feelin’ floofy.

Maxi knows she’s fabulous.

Is this Archie’s version of giving me the finger?

Skeptical Dewbs.


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