11-30-17 Goodbye, Crooked Acres

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Crooked Acres
Goodbye, Crooked Acres.

Shady Cove
Hello, Shady Cove.

Some (many) of you will be shocked to learn that we have sold Crooked Acres and are in the process of moving.

Details will be forthcoming next week – I’ve written and scheduled posts to publish all next week with every tedious detail about what we’ve been doing these past six months.

We close on both houses today, and then the movers will be meeting us at the new house. As a favor to myself, there will be no post tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience!


73 cats in a Kia Soul
(You may not be able to see them all in this picture, but I assure you that 11 cat-containing carriers will fit in a Kia Soul. At the same time. I loaded them myself.)


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