8-31-17 Thursday

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Growing up WAY too fast. Please note that Hubble, in the front middle, has a bit of tongue sticking out.

The little outstretched back leg. KILLING me. (Stardust)


I mean. COME ON, Stardust.

She knows how cute she is, right?

Aurora’s all “Get a load o’ this belleh!” and in the background Hubble and Telstar are all “…?”

Aurora seems pretty smug and sure of herself, doesn’t she?

“THIS PAW IS TASTY.” Stardust again.

Phoenix, sneaking up on me.

Hubble and his tongue = maximum cute.

Yep, she’s been to the scratcher. She’s been UNDER the scratcher. She has not been ON the scratcher… yet.

Brudders. Hubble left, Telstar right.

Mercury snoozes briefly.


Video! Keeping these kittens clean is a full-time job for Mercury.

YouTube link


Frankie’s all “Hall-O, laydeez!”

Frankie update: he was weaned off of the steroids and doing well, and then over the weekend started occasionally yelping while he was eating. It’s possible that he’s still healing from surgery – it’s been a few weeks, but it was pretty extensive surgery – so he’s back on a low dose of steroids for now, and we will try weaning him back off in another week or so.


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