12-26-22 Monday

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Must be that time! Kim wants her Churu, pronto.

Nacho naps in the cat tree in my office.

Kim’s keeping an eye on things from her basket of safety.

Francesca and Saul, stretched out on my bed. They’re so lonnnng.

Saul, Nacho and Francesca keep my artwork safe and warm. What do you imagine they’re looking at?

Nacho’s all “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” (Spoiler: she didn’t.)

“I coulda got it if I wanted to, lady.” Sure, Nacho, you just keep telling yourself that.

We had a very quiet weekend around here – the power went off a few times (from 3:30 to 5:30 Saturday morning, and then just a few hours later from 8:30 to 11), but has been back on since then. The house got a bit cool during the power outages, but not too terribly bad. The kitties had plenty of warm, cozy spaces to keep warm (and each other to snuggle up with.) The permanent residents were grumpy about how cold it was outside (and stayed in the house.) Trixie and Rocco spent three days in the garage on their heated beds, and handled it much better than I expected. (With a space heater going, the garage stayed pretty cozy.) All in all, it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it would be. And we had a sunny Christmas day!


An old picture of Dewey so y’all don’t forget what a pretty, pretty boy he is.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) this weekend.

Our friends at Keep Up Creations (Facebook, Instagram) sent us a box of very cool toys which included this catnip block. Kim found it REALLY PRETTY AWESOME. She kicked it around for a long time, and then she staggered off for a really good nap!

On Saul’s wish list: 10,000 green beans, and a forever home. Is that so much to ask? We don’t think so!⁠

Francesca does an excellent job of keeping your artwork safe and warm (and leaving pawprints all over the glass. It’s part of the service!)⁠

YouTube link
Slow motion tuxies. Apparently Saul WILL jump up after a feather teaser – it just has to be the RIGHT feather teaser!

Good night innernets. (Mama Kim Wexler on the floor; Francesca and Saul on the bed.)

Nacho’s sneakin’ over to see if there’s anything under the tree for her.

That tinsel looks good on you, Francesca.

YouTube link
Francesca is having an AWFULLY good time with that blue mouse!

Saul’s all “Me? Chew on the tinsel? I would never!”

Kim Wexler has her Christmas Eve blep on full display.

Good night innernets – Nacho, Francesca and Saul are going to stay up late and see if they can spot those tiny reindeer.

Merry Christmas: the Santa hats!⁠

Mister Boogers – 2005ish

Tom Cullen (Tommy) – 2009

Jake – 2010

Sugarbutt – 2014

Dennis – 2016

Merry Christmas: the reindeer hats.⁠

Reacher (foster, from the Bookworms litter) – 2010⁠

Miz Poo (permanent resident, best girl ever) – 2012⁠

Tony Soprano (foster) – 2013

Merry Christmas: the festive ties.⁠

Charlie (not actually a Christmas picture, but just go with it) – September 2020⁠

Charlie – December 2020⁠

Charlie – December 2021 (haven’t taken a Charlie-in-a-tie pic for 2022… YET)⁠

2020 – (foster) Fritter⁠

2020 – (fosters) Fritter and Pretzel⁠

Merry Christmas: the “Eh, just throw a garland up there and wrap it around the kittens, it’ll look good enough” (it does!)⁠
(Note: the garland was just for the pictures. We don’t leave tinsel or garland out where cats can get to it.)

2020 – (foster) Pretzel

2020 – (foster) Annie Oakley

2020 – (foster) Fritter

2020 – (permanent resident) Charlie

2020 – (fosters) Pretzel, Fritter, Eclair & Annie Oakley
(Apparently 2020 was the year o’ tinsel)

Merry Christmas: Randomly cute.⁠

2020 – Buffalo Bill (that’s a wine bottle sweater he’s wearing)⁠

2019 – (permanent resident) Kara⁠

2011 – (permanent resident) Spanky

Lastly (but never leastly) Merry Christmas: the kitty wreaths.⁠

2021: (fosters) Alfie Alfredo & Christopher Chutney⁠

2021: (foster) Ivy⁠

2022: (foster) Francesca⁠

2022: (foster) Kim Wexler⁠

2022: (foster) Nacho⁠

2022: (foster) Saul and his green bean

Good night innernets. (Kim Wexler, who is exhausted from today’s festivities. She’s recovering from her Christmas afternoon nap by going to bed early.)


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