12-25-17 Merry Christmas!

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I hope you’re all having a wonderful, warm holiday season. I know I say this every year, but I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for reading, commenting, lurking – and some of you for adopting my fosters! This has been a bit of a roller coaster year for us, and I’m hoping for a calmer 2018 with no losses (for us AND for you), jam-packed with adorable kittens.

I would likely blog about the permanent residents and fosters even if y’all weren’t reading – but you all make it so much more fun (and informative!), so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus – whatever holiday you celebrate (or don’t) I hope you are warm, happy, safe, and well-fed.


Wishing you a Meowy Christmas – former fosters Charming (now Toby) and Jareth (now Sooty)!

That’s Toby on the left and Sooty on the right. Didn’t they grow up to be BEYOOTIFUL?

They have a little brother named Tiggy (also known as Tiggs or Ginger Snap), and they are wonderful with him. (Toby’s face is cracking me UP.)

K. reports that Toby and Sooty took to Tiggy quickly; they play with and groom him, and tolerate his shenanigans well.

Check out not only those beautiful kitties, but also that beautiful tree. They and their little brother are leaving the tree alone, because they are clearly the best boys ever.

(Thank you, K, for letting me share those sweet boys!)


This year’s cover boy for the holiday card was…

Come, let us adore him.

May your holiday season be stunningly beautiful.

Dennis! I actually took that picture last year, and loved it and the “Come, let us adore him” so much that I ordered the cards earlier than usual this year. They arrived before we lost him, and I dithered briefly over whether to use another picture, but I thought it was a nice way to honor his memory. (And I mean, wasn’t he THE most beautiful boy?)

I hope everyone who wanted a card received theirs. I sent the last batch out on Wednesday morning, so if you haven’t received yours yet, it’s on the way.

I’ve scanned every card I’ve received so far – you can see the album over at Flickr, or scroll through them below. I will, of course, add any more that I receive as I get them.

2017 Holiday Cards Received


Here are the cards from years past, starting with the oldest.

Mister Boogers from 2004 or 2005.

Spot, in 2008.

Tommy in 2009. That look he was giving me still cracks me UP.

Jake in 2010.

Spanky in 2011.

Miz Poo in 2012.

Maxi in 2013.

Sugarbutt in 2014.

Stinkerbelle in 2015.


Other pictures that could have been cards, but weren’t:

Tubby, from 2001 or 2002.

Sugarbutt in 2005. Hard to believe he was ever that little.

Reacher in 2010. I love this picture.

Charlie and Patty Peppers, 2011.

Stinkerbelle and Tommy in 2012.

Meadow, in 2013.

Carmela, 2013.

Tony Soprano, 2013.

Dennis in 2016.

Oh, that boy.


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  1. Dennis was the purrfect choice ! I had a wee tear when I got mine but he sure was a beauty. All the best in 2018! ( the first time I typed that my fat fingers wrote 2028 lol)

  2. And all the best to you, Fred and all of the Permies on this Christmas as well. I consider this the happy start to my day, being able to visit and share in a few minutes of your life. It’s a testament to you and this site that I’m up at 6:30am on an stupidly cold and snow stormy Christmas (thanks Malcolm, so glad you’re now not dying of starvation, because phew, it must have been touch and go for you throughout the night) and the first thing I do (after making coffee, of course) is pop in for a visit.

    Merry Christmas to you all at Shady Cove!
    Brigitte and Malcolm in Ottawa, Canada

  3. Merry Christmas to you and Fred and the Shady Cove Gang! I love the updates, I love the cards – – so many, so few duplicates – – Amazing!!! I love my Crooked Acres card (the ‘final’ in that series!) and Dennis and my cards from Christmases past. I love Love & Hisses!!! Robyn – keep your heart open, this year has closed with some very sizeable losses, but so many gains previously. I love all cats and kittens – but I especially love those most beautiful tabby boys with amazing eyes… I believe Dennis was ‘sent’ by the amazing – and never forgotten – Corbie and I believe they’ll both be sending you another… Here’s to 2018 and all the magic it may bring!!! Looking forward to sharing the new year with y’all!!!!

  4. Merry Merry Christmas! I love the Dennis card, so beautiful and very appropriate, as it turned out. I hope you enjoy your first Christmas in the new house!

  5. Merry Christmas to you Fred and your furbabies, may the New Year bring you happiness, more kitties and permanent babies.

    Patti and the crew, (Sophie, SanSan, PJ, Jack, and Jillie the indoor feral)

  6. Hope your holiday is a great one and your New Year is a happy (and calm) one! Love the Santa Card, that is SO appropriate!

    Phoenix, Amber, Nelson, Molly, Truman and us mere humans all wish you the best!

  7. Happy Christmas Robyn and Fred! I think Dennis on the card was purrfect, and you absolutely made the right decision to keep that card, even after your loss. I’m wishing 2018 is filled with joy and happiness for everyone at Shady Cove. Guy Noir and Carmen would wish their best to you as well, but they are having a slappy paw contest over who gets to sit in the new cardboard box.

    Thank you so much for all you do, and sharing a small slice of your Festivus with the rest of us.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and Fred! And a big thank you for all the time and effort you give to kitties that pass through your lives!

  9. Merry Christmas to you both. I really enjoyed seeing all those cities, especially the ones that are no longer with you

  10. Loved looking back at all those holiday cards over the years and even the pictures that were runner-ups but didn’t quite make it to a card.

    Have permanently bookmarked your blog and facebook so we get to peek in and share all your permanent residents and the fosters. Archie and dishtowels! Alice Mo and her special song! Jake and his loony tunes! You bring a spot of brightness to our days. Thanks for sharing and letting us laugh and cry along with you.

    Sending joy and healing thoughts to you this holiday season. Could send you about 6 inches of snow too, as we are having a big snowstorm today here in New England. Pretty but glad to be snuggling at home with my kitty Little Dancer Girl.

    Peace and serenity, wisdom and patience being sent your way.

  11. Merry Christmas!
    Loved the card especially this year…he was such a gorgeous boy.
    Love reading the blog, always part of the routine with coffee in hand! Thank you very much for writing, and of course most of all, caring!

  12. Merry Christmas, Robyn and Fred!! Especially loved the possible card of Stinkerbelle with her beloved Tommy!

  13. Merry Christmas to you all at shady cove. May 2018 be an amazing year!

    Faster updates! Love those. They look l8ke the stereotypical lazy fat house cats don’t they? I know that they’re not that lazy or fat but definitely look content.

  14. Merry Christmas everyone! That is a beautiful picture of Dennis. I also love the last picture of K’s. THAT could be an excellent picture for a card.
    Here’s wishing everyone has a good start to the new year.

  15. Happy Holidays to all at Shady Cove. The card was perfect-He will be missed. You’re part of my morning routine, feed Simon, make coffee, check glucose, and read Love and Hisses. Looking forward to 2018 and lots of kittens!
    Thank you Robyn & Fred and all the perks.

    • That sounds like my morning routine, except that LG waits for his food until after I’ve checked my glucose.

  16. I’m a day late but no less delighted by this page; sad, though, to see how many lovely kitties are no longer with you. Hope you had a great Christmas– the first of many in your new place!!! Xx