12-25-14 – Merry Christmas!

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This year’s Crooked Acres Holiday Card cover boy was….


I hate that the area around his mouth is blurry, but even so, I love that picture to bits.

Here are outtakes from the same photo session. Pardon the somewhat intrusive watermark, but I’m still holding a grudge about the time a litter company took the holiday card picture of Jake, slapped their name on it, and posted it on Facebook.

If you look under the watermark, you can see a sprinkle of catnip there. Sugarbutt didn’t particularly want to be this year’s cover model, so we bribed him with the good stuff.

Emo Suggie, the 9th tiny reindeer they never told you about.


I really like the way his whiskers look in this one.

The runner-up. I love that grouchy face. He’d had just about enough of this picture-taking business.

From all of us at Crooked Acres, to all of you out there, have a happy, warm, safe Christmas (or happy, warm, safe Thursday, if Christmas isn’t your thing), and we’ll see you tomorrow with more cute kitten pics! We’re taking it easy today, and doing lots and lots of kitten-huffing.


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12-25-14 – Merry Christmas! — 22 Comments

  1. Merry Christmas to all at Crooked Acres and all its visitors. May the rest of this year and every day of the next be rich in rescues and adoptions.

  2. Merry Christmas Robyn, Fred and all the kittehs (permanent and foster) and all other animals at Crooked Acres! (Even Jean-Ralphio!) And thank you for the card.

    Wishing you a lovely and peaceful day, and thank you for your incredible work and amazing, hilarious, adorable blog. The first place I visit every day. xx

  3. OH, that’s such an awesome card & I love the poem! Well done! Not sure how you’ll top it next year but I have no doubt you will!

  4. Wesołych świąt to You and Fred, and all the residents and fosters of the Crooked Acres, and the entire L&H community, from Poland! Love, Joasia

  5. Merry Christmas Robyn & Fred and all Crooked Acres residents.

    I love outtake photo #4, the one where Sugarbutt is wearing a Santa hat and looks serious/curious. He really has pretty eyes.