12-4-15 Friday

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Is that a bit of a tongue on Cosby’s picture?

It certainly is!

And is it just me or is Jake gaining weight? He’s starting to get the Elwood shape…

Actually, no – Jake hit 11 pounds in 2012, and has stayed there ever since. He might look a little tubbier than he is because… I don’t know quite how to say this… don’t tell him I told y’all: Jake has short legs. It’s especially noticeable when he’s standing next to another cat. They’re not, like, SUPER short, they’re just a bit shorter than the average cat. It’s part of his loony charm.


Mr. Fancypants reminds me of the song by Jonathan Coulton.

YouTube link.

Ha – I love that! Mister Fancypants (the original Fancypants, not the one who has started coming around here; I think I might need to change the current Fancypants’s name so as not to confuse others and myself) got his name from Army of Darkness:

YouTube link.

Mister Fancypants walked across the back yard one day, his long furs waving in the breeze. We had recently watched the movie, and I said “Well hell-O, Mister Fancypants!”, Fred laughed, and the name stuck.


The new black cat is beautiful! I’m curious about how you would go about brushing him. I have a cat who looks very much like this one. He fights me about gettimg brushed (combed), so he ends up going to the vet for a lion cut so he doesn’t have to deal with matted fur and such. Do you and Fred have any suggestions?

I have to admit that my plan was just to go after him with the Furminator. Which doesn’t always work, I know, some cats HATE that brush – and for that matter, Mister Fancypants (the original, not the stray who has started showing up around here) had so many knots in his fur that we took him to a groomer and had him shaved.

How about it – anyone out there have tips on brushing a long-haired cat and making it so that they like it?


GD said: Ok, this is for everyone out there. I have been working on a Secret Santa thingy with a friend here in FL for the shelter we volunteer at. I recommend this to anyone. What we did was make a FaceBook Event page and invited people and they invite people and so on. SO, with a list of all the shelter Animals with their ID#, age, breed and date arrived at shelter, people sign up to be a Secret Santa. They pick dog(s) or cat(s) or both. We assign them with their picture and info right in their request post/comment. They go shopping for the pet and can drop it off or mail it into the shelter with the animal’s name and FOJA (Friend’s of Jacksonville Animals) written on it. We have listed in our Event what is suggested as gifts. We did have a disclaimer that if an animal is adopted (best Christmas gift ever) or transferred, their gift would be adored and loved by another dog/cat that is just entering the “system”. Anyway, we have had tremendous success. We have kept a spreadsheet of who is Santa for which pet so we can send thank yous and we plan on posting pictures of the pets and gifts. There is also an option to just mail in a cash/check donation. We even had someone from Ontario send a check. It is probably a bit late to start it for this year, but keep it in your bonnets for next year. I would be happy to answer any questions (and warn about pitfalls). Just ask!!!

The excitement for the people that it generates is outstanding. It is soooo different than saying, “Hey, donate please.” Go check out our event for ideas. We have about 300 “going”, 56 “maybe” and 3.9 K “invited”. Now, I sure would love a bigger piece of that 3.9K, but more people are “going” every day!!!

This is such a great idea!!!


This is as good a post to leave this, a series of conversations between the author and “Oldman Cat.” The first post in this series is from October 28.

Do note that this is a left-wing website (not that I don’t think the conservative kitty-lovers among you can’t handle it, just FYI), and that there is a wee bit of swearing. Still, the conversations themselves are absurdist rather than political, and I think anyone who’s ever lost an argument with a cat can enjoy these.

THAT is awesome! Thanks for the link.


Guess who no longer has an empty foster room?

Guess, guess!

Give up?

It’s me! (Somehow, I suspect y’all figured that out.) Meet the new foster:

“Hello… It’s me…”

“I was wondering if perhaps you’d like to give me tasty treats.”

Her name is Adele and she is SUCH an awesome girl. Her story is that she was apparently dumped at the apartment complex where our fosters from this time last year originated. She was approaching people, and lucky for her Sue and Byron spotted her and saved her. She’s got no street smarts and was nearly struck by a car. A canvass of the neighbors didn’t turn up anyone who knew who she was, so she came to Challenger’s House late last week. I picked her up from Winnie yesterday, which was good timing – today’s my last day of physical therapy, and I was planning to let Susan know the foster room was available again this weekend anyway.

Adele’s older than our usual fosters – about 9 months old, maybe a bit younger. She’s still got that kittenish playfulness to her, but she’s not bounce-off-the-walls crazy like the younger ones tend to be. She is a really confident girl – when I let her out of the carrier into the foster room, she walked around with her tail straight up in the air, curious about everything. She got to meet Dennis and wanted to be friends, but he wasn’t sure about her and stomped off in a huff. She doesn’t like to be alone, and she’s a snuggler; we took a nap together, and she purred the entire time. First she snuggled up against me, and then she climbed up onto my stomach and fell fast asleep.

She’ll only be here for a few weeks, she was spayed and got her rabies shot and ID chip on Tuesday. We’re basically waiting out the time for her to have all her vaccinations. She’ll be ready to go, in fact, the day before Christmas.

Anyone in the North Alabama area (or within driving distance) want to adopt a super-sweet, friendly, confident, friendly, cat-loving, people-loving, friendly young medium-hair calitabby who has a FABULOUS tail and is friendly? Let me know (email is over there in the sidebar), and I’ll hook you up with an application.

Adele and her “baby.”

Look at those eyes!

Silly girl.

PS: Did I mention that she’s friendly?


Alice Mo’s take on the new foster?

I really hate her
I’ll think of a reason later

It’s okay, Mo. SHE doesn’t have her own theme song (yet)!

YouTube link.


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