11-1-21 Monday

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FYI: every year, it is my goal to get the calendars done and ready for purchase by November 1st. The only year that’s ever happened, I think, is last year. That did very much NOT happen this year – I am working on it, though, and hope to have calendars ready for purchase by next Monday (hopefully before then, but we’re having work done on the upstairs HVAC system, so I won’t be able to get to my computer during the day, so I make no promises.)

There will, as usual, be one calendar for each set of fosters, one calendar that covers all fosters, and one permanent resident calendar. I took about 3,500 cat pictures this year, and trying to pare them down to 13 pictures per calendar is an undertaking, to say the least. I’ll get it done, though – I always do!


Nikki (left) and Ruthy on the back of the couch.

Nikki’s eyes still have a tinge of blue (they look bluer in pictures than they are in person).

And Ruthy’s eyes are all green.

A closeup of Nikki – you can see all the green in her eyes in this picture.

When I can see her body, I never mix Nikki up with Barry or Ruthy – she’s much darker and has those classic tabby swirls. Barry’s got dark stripes, and Ruthy is more ticked (she has stripes, they’re just not as bold as Barry’s.)

I NEVER mix Sammy up with anyone else. Sammy: “Yer darn tootin’ ya don’t.”

Carli LOOKS very skeptical still, but in actuality she climbs right up into my lap with very little hesitation. I can also bend down and pet her, and pick her up for a moment or two (though she still tenses a bit.)

Barry’s keeping an eye on me, and who could blame him?

It’s not easy to get pictures of Ozzy because he is the snuggliest of the snuggle bugs and is usually in my lap these days.


While we’re talking about pretty eyes, get a load of the peepers on Archie. He is SUCH a pretty boy.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Look at these sweet former fosters! In the picture on top are Amber (formerly Ambercup, who we fostered in 2015), Phoenix, and Stardust (Mercury’s daughters, who we fostered in 2017). In the bottom picture: “I put a quilt on the bed and Phoenix, Stardust and Molly hopped on! (Truman is on the pillow) Amber was at my elbow telling me to pay more attention to her, so she wasn’t in the photo.”⁠

Debra moved to Maine this year, so clearly the kitties are refining their cuddle puddle technique so that they’ll stay warm! (Thanks, Debra!!)

A little piece fell off the end of the teaser I was waving around, and of course Ozzy had to go check it out, and then he walked around with this purple floof stuck to his nose because he’s a silly little goober.

Good night innernets. (From top to bottom: Nikki Nickel, Ruthy Ruthenium (left), Barry Beryllium (right), Sammy Samarium, and Carli Calcium. Missing is Ozzy Osmium, who was following me around wanting me to pick him up and snuggle him. Which I did, of course.)

It’s a basket full o’ skeptical, is what it is. (Carli)

Yep, there’s a feather teaser up there. We have Ruthy on the back of the couch, and on the seat from left to right: Barry, Sammy (back), Ozzy (front), Nikki and Carli.

YouTube link
Feeding 15 kittens! One year ago, I was fostering 15 kittens (not all from the same litter!), the Vittles kittens. Feeding time was a bit of a frenzy, and I tried to get a time-lapse video with my phone to show how fast those kittens cleaned their plates. The video with my phone didn’t really work – but I got a decent video from my Nest camera! (I wish I’d gotten a longer clip, but it’s too late to go back, so this is what I’ve got.)

YouTube link
Carli has discovered the Fruitasan* and likes to occasionally hang out in it. Ruthy likes to fight with her through the Fruittasan – and Barry just wants to play with the track toy!⁠

*I got our Fruitasan from Pier1 a few years ago. They no longer carry them (they’re intended to hold fruit), but stores like TJ Maxx and Homegoods carry a larger version (intended for pets). You can also occasionally find a Fruitasan on eBay for much more than they used to cost in the stores.

Good night innernets. (Sammy, Ruthy and Nikki)

Ozzy, straight from the punkin patch.

Sammy strikes a pose.

I was only able to get one kitten-in-a-costume picture of this bunch (if they don’t like wearing hats or costumes, I don’t push them to), but Ozzy in this cape and skirt costume is pretty darn cute. (Luckily I have lots of pictures from previous years!)

Permanent resident Stefan (who was the BEST, and who we miss every day still) wore that bonnet with style. Little Stefan on the Prairie.

From last year: Buffalo Bill was all “Giddyup, partner.”

Porthos and d’Artagnan (from last year) were a couple of the BEST little posers we’ve ever had.

Hi-ho, it’s (permanent resident) Alice the Frog! (From 2014)

Another of our excellent little posers: Tater Tot from last year (she’s now Periwinkle and you can see her on Instagram @sirbrinkleypickles)

From 2010: (permanent resident) Loony Jake, who resents being called a chicken.

To cap off the Halloween posts: always my favorite Halloween shot: permanent resident Dennis inviting y’all to the darrrk side. He was the BEST boy. 🧡


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