6-15-21 Tuesday

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Phase 1 of packing is done!

It’s a lot more than it looks like – there are two rows of boxes there. This is all the stuff we can go without for the next few weeks – I’ll pack the rest of the house in the 4-5 days leading up to the actual move. For now we clean and do some touch up painting and all the odd jobs we’ve been putting off.


Back in 2012, when we still lived at Crooked Acres, the neighbor from a few doors down knocked on the door. Her daughter had saved this tiny kitten from a dog down the road, and was there any way we could take him? We did.

We named him Cicero (we were fostering the Taters litter at that point, kittens named after types of potatoes).

Fred nicknamed him Stompers pretty quickly, and we never called him anything else. Well, I mean, we called him “Stompies,” but that’s a nickname for a nickname.

This is what he looked like back then.

And THIS is what he looks like now, 9 years later!

Kristyn reports: Here he is today! Just as silly and loving as ever. He can usually be found snuggling with whoever will sit still long enough to let him groom them or modeling his gorgeous face for his admirers.

He still has that same sweet Stompers face. I LOVE IT. (Thank you so much, Kristyn!)


Oh, that Khal. He is such a floompy boy.

Keeping an eye out for squirrels and birds.


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