1-4-18 Thursday

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Look at these little posers!

That, of course, is Phoenix on the left and Amber (formerly Ambercup) on the right. Debra says:

You asked, here is another one with my legs! (I was trying to read). Phoenix is a real love bug, probably more than anybody else, but she will destroy shoelaces or laces of any sort if I don’t catch her and/or take precautions. One day at the start of this she got one pair of laces (cut them in two) and I went out and bought a new pair and while the shoes were on my feet, she snuck up and cut them without me knowing! But I do love it that when I pick her up she will snuggle and start purring immediately! She has also started talking like Amber! I make sure they all get their fair share of snuggle time.

Thank you so much, Debra!

(I told Debra that Fred had JUST been complaining about Frankie’s habit of chewing on hoodie strings, so maybe we can blame Frankie for Phoenix’s chewing habit. I mean, probably not – Frankie never had use for those kittens – but we can try, right?)


I got this email on Christmas Day – do you recognize these sweet faces?

Catherine said: Merry First Christmas-

Praline (first two pics) and Roux (last two pics) have enjoyed opening their gifts, playing with their people, and relaxing by the fire today. They wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope your season has been a happy one.

Those girls, of course, are Praline and Roux, daughters to Nola, who were born in our foster room alongside their sister Beignet (now Bella) and Andouille (now Andre.) Haven’t they grown up to be gorgeous girls? I love it!

(Thank you, Catherine!)


You remember this little face, I’m sure – it hasn’t been THAT long since he was in our foster room along with his siblings.

That is one of Mercury’s little Missions, Hubble. He still hasn’t been adopted – but don’t feel TOO sorry for him. He has become very good buddies with Norman and Neville DeVille, and those boys play together and then pile up in a puddle o’ cute.

I would love to see all three of them adopted together, wouldn’t you? I think it’s past time for their people to come along – speed it up, people. They’re getting cuter every day, and you don’t want to miss out!


Oh dear. The Sheriff (Kara) is giving me the Serious Eyes.

“Is this mat supposed to be laying out like this when you aren’t using it? No, it is not. It is supposed to be put neatly away. AND YET here it is. Right where I wanted to be. I oughta give you a ticket, lady, is what I oughta do. But I’m feeling nice, so you just get a warning. THIS time.”


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