12-19-16 Monday

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Way way way back in 2013, we had this girl, who we named Kate (actually, she was Katherine, but we immediately nicknamed her Kate and never called her anything else.)

She was pregnant, and after a wait of, like, 700 million years (or nearly a month, if you’re one of those literal types), she had kittens.

She had five kittens, to be exact, and one of them was this little monkey, whose name was Charming. He looked like this:

And then like this:

One of his brothers was this adorable sweet muffin, whose name was Jareth. He looked like this:

And then like this:

Here’s a random picture of the whole litter (without their mama), just because, with (conveniently) Charming and Jareth giving the camera a bit of the ol’ attitude:

Charming and Jareth were adopted into the same home (yay!) Charming is now Toby, and Jareth is now Sooty, and here they are today with their little big brother Harley!

Left to right: Sooty, Harley and Toby.

Sooty and Toby are now 19 pounds of pure love and muscle, and Harley is 9 pounds. Wouldn’t that second picture be great as a Christmas card?

Thank you so much for the pictures, K, and give those sweet boys – all three of them – kisses from us!


When Uncle Stefan Visited Willa.

“What the – ?”

“That’s my food, Mister.”



Willa retreated and kept an eye on Stefan from a distance. When he finished eating, he approached her for some sniffin’-noses action, and she got hissy and growly, so we put him back outside the room.

Willa was very quiet and subdued on Saturday. She spent all day sleeping in the crate (which I had set up when I thought I was getting a pregnant cat), and we’d go in and pull her out and pet her. She’d purr and she’d flick the end of her tail and she’d rub her face against us, but after a few minutes she’d get up and go back in the crate. She wasn’t eating or drinking, just wanted to sleep. I was starting to get worried, but at bedtime she came out of her crate, ate some treats, and drank water.

Sunday morning she was more herself, though still maybe a little quieter than usual. I guess we tend to forget what a big deal spay surgeries are for adults, since the little ones bounce back so quickly!


Dustin, under the benevolent gaze of Miz Poo.

And under the gaze of Tubby.

He loves that Bergan Turbo Track.

SUCH a beautiful boy.


Dennis seems very pleased with himself, no?


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