2-3-17 Friday

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It strikes me that Dewey has similar colorations as Corbie. Is that just my imagination? Also, do you have more orange cats or more brown tabby?

I can definitely see the resemblance – Dewey on the left, Corbie on the right:

Corbie had more caramel coloring in his fur, but otherwise they’re very similar.

The orange and brown tabbies are tied at three and three (Frankie is now a permanent resident; more on that near the bottom of the post). We are at 11 (SIGH) cats.


Kara, Dennis, and Dewey.


Newt, Stefan, and Frankie.


Jake (all gray), Joe Bob (gray and white tuxie), Alice (calico and white – I think?), Archie (silver tabby and white), and Maxi (black with a white locket).


Would you show us the [calendar] picture for January please?

Sure thing! I can’t believe it didn’t even occur to me.

January’s permanent resident cover girl was…


And the January foster kitty calendar girl was…



Any plans to update the compatibility chart? It is such a fun page!

Yes, I definitely plan to update it – it’s badly out of date! I can’t promise I’ll have it updated by Friday, but I will aim for NEXT Friday, how’s that?


I have a question about the kerosene heater. Does it give off a noticeable odor? I’ve been thinking that we really need to have some kind of back-up heat in case we have a power outage in the winter.

The only time I smell kerosene is if Fred has spilled a little when he’s filling the heater. Otherwise, I might smell just the very faintest odor when he first turns it on, but that’s it. They do sell stuff that you can add to the kerosene to cover up the kerosene smell, but I don’t know that that would be any improvement.


I have an unrelated question for you. Have you heard of “Pretty Litter“? What do you think? My friend uses it and loves it. I think it’s expensive. I don’t know how much scoopable I use a month for one cat but this is $22 for 4 pounds. I’d like to hear from you and your followers on this. Thanks

Chris O/CT said: I use Pretty Litter for my two cats and really love it. Yes, I think it’s expensive but I rather be able to catch an early sign that something is wrong with change in urine color before a disease/disorder gets too far along. I wish I had it for my older cats which have now passed. It would have saved me a lot of vet bills in their advancing years. It gives me peace of mind that I can monitor any abnormal changes in their health and that they may not exhibit.

As far as being scoop able, you only need to scoop out the solid waste as the silica absorbs the urine. You just mix the contents with your scooper and your done! Very little tracking as well and I find there is no dust at all. I change out the litter boxes once a month. Pretty Litter did have a special last year to buy in bulk which was a good deal.

I had not heard of Pretty Litter before, but I can tell you that it’s not something that would work for me. I can see the appeal, though. Has anyone else out there used it? If so, please chime in!


Also, I have a question. I have a cat who’s about 2 now, and a cat who is 12. Neither of them like to play (which is understandable for my old man). I’m wondering if this is because they’re mainly outdoor cats and get plenty of stimulation outside? As a side note to this question, my younger cat does NOT like toys with bells. And I haven’t tried catnip toys on either of them.

It’s certainly possible that they both get enough stimulation outside that they don’t feel the need to play when they’re inside – they probably do a lot of hunting of birds and rodents, and chase their fair share of insects. On the other hand, it’s possible you just haven’t tried the right toys to get ’em playing. My suggestions (depending on how much you want to spend, of course) would be Da Bird, definitely give some catnip toys a try, and how about some mylar balls? And fur mice! Have you tried a laser light? It might be worth a try.


Better keep an eye on that cat bed situation, Robyn. Looks like you’re running low, and it’d be a bitch if you couldn’t find anything for them to recline on.

Isn’t that absolutely horrifying?


“Dewey likes to stand on the platform and eat out of the bowl on Fred’s desk…”

Really? There’s a bowl of food on his desk. And you wonder why all these kitties flock to Crooked Acres. You guys are like the couch at Central Perk.

But… but… they would STARVE if it wasn’t there!


Hi Robyn, I know you’ve answered this question a million times, but is there a water fountain you would recommend?

I like – and use – the Cat Mate fountain, but if you check here there are several fountains I’ve tried and that work just fine.


Oh Frankie, you’re killing us with your mouth. Does he still yelp when he yawns? Immediately thought of some kind of arthritis or jaw problem but the vet would’ve caught it.

He actually screams rather than yelps (the difference, I think, is in the length of the sound he makes). He was lying on my chest the other night, yawned, and screamed, and I pretty much ended up on the ceiling, it scared me so badly. The pain medication he started seems to be helping, thankfully.


Hello, beautiful.

So, Frankie’s bloodwork came back yesterday. He’s a sick boy, but he’s not at death’s door. He’ll need a month of antibiotics to (hopefully) fix him up. Given that he’s sick and that we need to medicate him for so long, we both agreed that he’s not going anywhere.

What a roller coaster of a week, huh? We’re keeping him! We’re not keeping him! We’re keeping him.

We’re keeping him. That’s the final word on the topic – and I know y’all will be so very unhappy about that. NOT!


Oh, Joe Bob, you are just. So. PURTY!


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