9-16-21 Thursday

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Today’s pictures are brought to you by Churu. (Not sponsored by them or anything – though we’re up for it, Churu, gimme a call! – but let’s just say inspired by Churu. There was a Churu involved in these pictures, let’s put it that way.)

Theo Pesto’s all “GIVE US THE CHURU.”

“On mah tongue!” Meanwhile Alfie Alfredo checks out Franco Fondue’s thlurrrping form.

Theo Pesto thlurrrps.

As does Franco Fondue.

Franco Fondue gives Molly Marinara’s tongue a look.

Breath check!

Sofia Soy Sauce says “This is the tongue where the Churu goes.”

And Christopher Chutney waits patiently.


The thought of Churu gives Jake the Loony Eyes.


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Look at Alfie Alfredo, listening so intently. Molly Marinara says “When I was a kitten, we didn’t get any of this dang Churu treat twice a day. We caught mice and squirrels and ate ’em and we were GRATEFUL to have them!”

Franco Fondue says “Nyah nyah NYAH, I am up on the desk and y’all are NOT ha ha HA!”

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Theo Pesto, Alfie Alfredo, Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue were neutered on Monday, and when I brought them home yesterday morning, they were SO SO SO happy to be back. (I expected their sister and mother to hiss at them because they smelled like the vet, but nope.)

Good night innernets. (Sofia Soy Sauce.)


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9-16-21 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. I really like the rolling cart for Jake. LOL Robyn! Just roll it around to relocate to get the finest rays of sunshine at any time of the day.

  2. What is in Churu anyhow? I’ve had cats turn up their noses at other treats, but I’ve never heard of one that didn’t eagerly lap up whatever is in those tubes.

    • I’m not going to taste to be sure…but maybe they taste sweet to kitties. They contain Fructooligosaccharide which is a sugar found in plants like bananas and asparagus.

  3. Churu is da bomb! I don’t know what is exactly the lure but ours love it! I have one grandcat who won’t touch it but she goes for a single flavor of the Petsmart brand (Nourish? can’t think of the name) It is amazing for getting prednisone down one cat who is a bear to pill. That’s how we discovered it.

    As always, thank you Robyn for all you do and for sharing it with us!

  4. Oh man, all cats are obsessed with churu, right?! During the heatwave, we put some in the freezer and the cats loved the meat popsicles LOL