8-11-20 Tuesday

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Rochefort is all “Excuse you, lady, I am having a snuggle with Aramis IF Y’DON’T MIND.”

I talked Fred into crocheting me a slice of tomato and a leaf of lettuce to go in the Toastycat bed, imagining the myriad photo opportunities that would present themselves (a kitten asleep in the Toastycat bed with a slice of tomato and a leaf of lettuce tucked in next to him, making the perfect kitten sammich!) What has actually happened is that when the kittens do get into the Toastycat bed, they’re on top of the tomato and lettuce, and if they’re not in the Toastycat bed, they’re dragging the lettuce and tomato all over the room, as illustrated by a very smug looking Winter. Ah well – at least they’re having fun.

Planchet likes it when I pile the toys in the big basket.

D’Artagnan continues to let me know he’s Da BAYbee.

It’s Toesday, and as such here are some floofy toeses.

Constance says “Look! I got toes too!”

Aramis and Planchet, watching the birds.

“This doesn’t involve you, lady. Move along.”

Putting a blanket in the Cuties box sure has made it popular with the kittens. Athos loves to sleep there.

“It’s comfy, lady!” says Constance.

The crown bed is pretty popular with them too, especially Porthos.


Khal’s feelin’ smug.


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8-11-20 Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. I really dig the catnip infused woolen balls you posted this morning. I’m not on FB often, so I decided to cut to the chase and send a donation to FFHSV, and buy some fuzzy balls directly for my 16yo Guy. I figure it’s a win for everyone. Thanks for all you do for the kitties.

    • Thanks so very much! Love your thinking and your plan! We see the Donation – Greatly Appreciated!! ❤️❤️ And we know the wonderful little shop appreciates your business! Definitely a win-win!

  2. Hi Robyn, how’s Alexandra doing? Is she policing the litter boxes at Michelle’s? Also, Starr – I like your idea. I am also not on FB so I think I’ll donate and purchase some fuzzy catnip balls for my kitties too!