7-5-20 Weekly Roundup

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When you don’t have to wash, dry or fold the laundry, laundry day is A LOT OF FUN, according to Lola and Bugs.

The Folding Crew is all “WHERE’S the clean laundry? We wanna FOLD, man.” (Cutey on top of the basket, Lola, Benjamin and Honey inside.)

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Honey is anti-BOOP.

“Excuse me, lady, I am NOT scared of the vacuum cleaner! As it just so happens, the instant the vacuum cleaner turned on, I realized I had some very important plumbing work to do behind this here toilet. I am a very brave girl and cannot be scared by any ol’ vacuum cleaner.” (Lola)

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Lola and Cutey have the skitters.

Bugs has been promoted to Head Kitten in Charge of Socks. He’s not sure how he’s going to fold all those socks, but I have faith in him.

Laundry’s done! Look at those proud little faces. Good job, guys! (Honey is back between the pillows snoozing. She’s exhausted! Laundry day is a lot of work.)

Good night innernets. (Cutey)

Benjamin would like to wish you a good morning, innernets. Enjoy your Monday!

Family portrait. Left to right: Lola, Bugs, Cutey, Clyde, Bunny, Honey and Benjamin.

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Lola and Clyde have another tussle.

“I’ve got it!” says Lola. “I’ve got it! I’VE GOT IT!” (Spoiler: she didn’t get it.)

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Kitten play time!

Cutey and Clyde are all “HALLO.”

Good night innernets. (Bunny and the ol’ Razzle Dazzle.)

It’s not Thlurrrpsday but it IS Tongue-Out Tuesday, so here is Bugs with his tongue out. (Please admire that ridiculously long tail as well.)

We have an adoption pending on Clyde & Cutey (yes, together)! They will be going to a wonderful home and will be spoiled rotten, as they (as ALL) kittens (and cats) deserve!⁠

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Well, that looks like a pretty clear response to the question, though Mama Bunny cut it short. Yes: Benjamin is Da BAYbee.

When she’s not being a milk bar, Bunny makes an excellent pillow.

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Sleepy little slackers.

To answer the question: Bunny’s neck is looking great. She’s still got a couple of small scabs left, but she’s not scratching at all so I took the leap and left the collar off of her overnight Sunday. She did fine, so unless she does something like scratches another hole in her neck (which I don’t expect), the collar is off for good. Every time I look at her neck, it looks better than the last time I looked (and I look at her neck a LOT). It’s been a long road for that girl and hopefully it’s only going to be catnip and sunshine for her from here on out.

Good night innernets. (Bugs)

Bugs, Lola, Benjamin and Honey are off for their spay/neuter surgeries today. Wish ’em luck! (Clyde and Cutey are still a bit too small, so they’ll go in a couple of weeks for theirs.)

Lola met Uncle Archie the other night and was not impressed.⁠

Benjamin met (permanent resident) Uncle Archie last night, and he was all “I AIN’T SKEERED OF YOU, MISTER!” and Archie was all “What’s your problem, kid?”

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Lola’s got the crazies, and Bugs is none too sane either.

Benjamin, Bugs, Honey and Lola are home from their spay/neuter surgeries – and hungry! All went great, as expected.⁠ I didn’t think about this until I got there with the kittens, but they’re still 10 days shy of 3 months old. So they weren’t able to get their rabies shots and will have to go back for those once they hit the 3 month mark. I know y’all are heartbroken that you’ll get to see their sweet faces for a while longer!

Honey, Benjamin and Bugs are sleeping off their spay/neuter surgeries. (Lola is too, but she’s across the room and thus didn’t make it in this picture.)

Good night innernets. (Clyde)

When I took the kittens for their spay/neuter surgeries yesterday, I got to see these two little muffinheads. They’re Scarlett (floofy) and Scout and they’re best best best friends. Scarlett was in rough shape when Forgotten Felines got her and they thought for a while that she might lose both her eyes. But look at her now! She enjoys running around like a crazy thing, kicking Scout’s butt (he returns the favor) and will occasionally slow down for a snuggle. They’re about ready for their forever homes, so if you’re interested you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

I also got to see the amazing Little Dory. Look at those EYES, look at that smoky FUR, look at that ATTITUDE. In addition, she’s got wonky back feet – three toes on each foot, but that doesn’t hold her back at ALL. Little Dory’s mama had a total of 6 kittens, but the other 5 passed away in the first week after they were born; Little Dory is the only surviving kitten. She’s not quite ready for adoption yet, but she will be in a few weeks; you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

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That’s not really how I expected that to go. I guess you could say Bugs wanted a Churu.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and check out Bugs’ form. A++++!

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Benjamin has a floof and a tussle. All in a good day’s work.

I mean, if I were that cute I’d be kissing my own reflection all the time, too.

Good night innernets. (Honey and her adorable little shaved belly.)

Honey thinks she’ll sleep in, thank you.

I am shocked – SHOCKED, I SAY – that there have been no applications for Bugs (left) and Lola. If they seem like your kinda kittens (I mean, LOOK at them!), email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. We’re located in Huntsville, Alabama and you must either live in the area or be willing to come here to complete the adoption. They’re 12 weeks old tomorrow, have been spayed and neutered, and just need their rabies shots.⁠

Bunny wonders WHERE her people ARE. Bunny’s description is below; if she seems like your kinda gal, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.

With her own kittens nearly ready to be adopted and the wound under her chin nearly healed, Bunny is ready to find her own home where SHE can be the baby. (She is very ready to be kitten-free.)

Bunny is about 2 years old. Her fur is currently short since it was shaved off due to matting, but when it’s done growing out we expect she’ll be long-haired. She is a very sweet girl who always wants to be near you so she can see what you’re doing. She likes to occasionally climb into your lap for a snuggle, but after a little while prefers to sit or sleep next to you. At 2 years old she’s not much more than a kitten and so will race around and play like a kitten. At this point we’re unsure how she is around other cats (since she’s protective of her kittens in her foster home, we haven’t tried introducing her to other adult cats), but we’re pretty sure that with a slow introduction she’d be fine with other cats and/or dogs.

Note: Bunny can be a little nippy when she’s playing – you will feel her teeth on your arm, but she doesn’t bite down, and she will grab your arm (or smack at your foot when you walk by). But she’s actually a pretty mellow girl and has handled having her neck wound looked at, cleaned, and dressed with no issues at all.

Little slackers. (Honey and Benjamin)

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They’re just a bunch of muffinheads, is what they are.

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We’re having a nap… and a Tortie Tussle.

Good night innernets. (Clyde… and the ceiling fan pull, dangling there behind him.)

Breakfast is served! Clockwise from floofy white and orange Clyde, we have: Clyde, Bugs, Lola, Benjamin, Honey and Cutey. (Bunny gets her own bowl up on the counter. Which doesn’t stop her from hopping down and finishing the kittens’ food when they’re done with it, of course.)

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Hanging out with the kittens and Bunny, having a good day. ❤️

Bugs is very pleased with himself and with that amazingly long tail. I swear you could just sit and watch that tail grow!

“You’re looking for Cutey? Hmm… Cutey. Why, I don’t believe I’ve seen her. No Cutey here. Would you settle for a Clyde?”

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We had someone servicing the air unit in the attic, and it was noisy so Bugs got all floofy and Lola said “If you’re gonna wear YOUR floof suit, I’m gonna wear mine too!”

Lola and Bugs are keeping an eye on me.

Good night innernets. (Benjamin was sleeping in this twisted-around position, and Clyde walked over and flopped down next to him, and then Benjamin suddenly realized his chin was, basically, on Clyde’s butt, and he thought “OH DEAR LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!” And I laughed and laughed.)


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