4-6-21 Tuesday

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First attempt at getting a lined-up picture of the kittens. Not bad!

Pile o’ cute.

Did I mention that Fizzbin really likes to floof her tail for no apparent reason?

Pinochle nibbles on the “slice of tomato” Fred crocheted for me.

“I like to sit on the couch and be kittenless. Now they’re climbing up the couch. I blame you for this, lady.”


I got a shot of the tabbies (plus one tuxie on the end) all in a row. Tabbies left to right: Fizzbin with the full-tabby back, Whist with the tabby angel wings, and Pinochle with the tabby “strap” across his back.

Fizzbin REALLY likes that Toastycat bed.

Slapjack has a think.

Fizzbin, tail floofed again, heads for Mama.


Zoom zoom zoom.


Oh, that Khal. I never mention this, but he is one magnificent hunk.


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4-6-21 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. OMGosh! That cactus cat tree and that jeep/food truck? are toooo adorable!!!!!!! More pics please… and should they include a kitten or three – all the better! If my tail was as awesome as Fizzbin’s I’d fluff it any chance I got!!!! These kittens are at my favorite age!!! Canasta is a wonderful momma!!! BTW – Khal… magnificent specimen – certainly is a hunk!!!

  2. No words are ever required when it comes to Khal. His magnificence is understood. He’s dreamy, too!

  3. awww… the “I love you mama!” pic is so cute… it’s hilarious that Canasta looks like she’s thinking “When are these babies gonna grow up and head off on their own?”

  4. It looks like Canasta is coming up with other ways to temporarily shut down the milk bar!

  5. Question: A) Do the adult cats find any entertainment in the adorable mirrors you have placed about at eye level? B) if “yes” where did you get them?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Who’s the little donut on the far right in the first picture? With the big Sputnik ears? He/She looks like he/she is trying very hard to pose nicely for the photo.

    Now Khal on the other hand…total pro at posing for pictures. So dreamy…